Smart Cleaning Solutions Provider obode Brings Its Flagship Products to North America

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — obode, a provider of smart cleaning solutions, has recently announced the launch of three flagship intelligent vacuum products in the North American market as part of the broader expansion into the region. The obode P8, A8+ and A8 are now available for purchase on Amazon.


obode specializes in smart cleaning solutions and is committed to delivering to customers intelligent vacuum robots that are simple to use to help them effortlessly establish a comfortable and clean home. Top of the bill for the North American market is the P8 self-cleaning robotic vacuum and mop, capable of self-clean its mop pads, thereby warding off mold and bad smells. Featuring in a video made by the science brand Seeker titled The Future of Clean, the P8 is an ultimate all-in-one floor cleaning solution, which provides users with four-in-one sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and combination-cleaning functions. The product can also carry out auto-water replenishment.

The P8 employs an advanced system composed of 30+ sets of sensors and LiDAR technology capable of identifying different surface types and then applying suitable vacuuming, mopping, edge cleaning, and complete mapping functions as needed. It moves seamlessly across rooms and can intelligently switch between sweeping and mopping for safe, effective cleaning of any type of floor. The P8 includes dual rotary mop pads and a heavy-duty vacuum motor. In addition to the downward mopping pressure feature, the device also comes with an intelligent lifting roller brush that can be lifted automatically to 7mm above surfaces during mopping.

The A8+, the brand’s latest generation of AIoT-powered intelligent vacuum robots, and its single-robot version, the A8, will also be available in North America. The A8+ was created to present users with a fantastic cleaning solution that requires minimal effort to use. The A8+ detects carpet accurately and automatically raises the back plate holding the mop. With a 10mm height, the mop lifts off the ground and above the carpets to keep them dry. Furthermore, when the device is in the docking station, the mop pad will also be lifted for air drying, preventing mold growth and the musty smell of a wet mop.

The device has an auto-emptying base that holds a 2.5L dust bag, which allows users to enjoy up to 30 days of continuous smart cleaning without having to manually empty and dispose of the debris and dust that the robot has collected. With suction power of up to 19,000 pa, the A8+ packs a punch, while its base unit removes dirt directly within the robot with unparalleled efficiency.

The A8+ recently underwent an upgrade so that its object recognition system can optimize cleaning functions and options based on different surface types. The base unit will automatically raise itself against problematic surfaces to continue cleaning effortlessly without leaving any water leakage.  The solution is ideal for whole-house deep cleaning. The A8+ alone is capable of storing up to three floors of map information, while its 5,200mAh battery provides three hours of uninterrupted runtime on a single charge.

The product’s sensors and advanced navigation system calculate distances and track locations within household environments with incredible efficiency. The sensors allow the smart vacuum to measure objects down to a centimeter level of detail. Whether the cleaner is working in high or low-light rooms, the technology operates with the same precision so that the robot can carry out super-deep cleans even in those hard-to-reach spots.

The company opted to employ Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support for its products, delivering an even greater level of convenience for consumers. Users can also use the obode Life mobile app to function as a remote control and custom-define no-go areas for the robot.

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