SmallRig Founder and Chairman Zhou Yang Recognized as One of Forbes China’s Inaugural Globalization Innovators Top30

SmallRig is the world’s best-known company producing photo and video accessories

SHANGHAI and SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 Forbes China Globalization Innovators Selection 30&30 awards ceremony in Shanghai announced the 2023 Forbes China Globalization Innovators Top30, a list celebrating 30 entrepreneurs whose companies have achieved significant international growth and recognition. Notable honorees include Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok; Yang Huahua, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Anker Innovations; and Zhou Yang, Founder and Chairman of SmallRig, a brand under the corporate umbrella of Shenzhen Leqi Network Technology Co., Ltd.

The Forbes China list is a testament to the global ambitions of Chinese brands and their leaders’ understanding of overcoming the challenges of international expansion. The selection process, spanning over six months, involved meticulous market research and personal interviews, culminating in a roster of individuals who have not only achieved success in their respective fields but have also set the standard for global business leadership and innovation. The initiative marks a significant moment in recognizing the global impact of Chinese companies and the visionary leaders steering them toward a broader international presence.

Within the list, a subset of companies stands out for their exceptional journey from engaging in cross-border e-commerce and product exports to establishing influential brands and innovative business models that resonate worldwide. Among these, SmallRig is highlighted for its pivotal role in demonstrating the capacity of Chinese companies to scale globally.

Founded by Zhou Yang in 2010 and introducing its flagship brand in 2013, SmallRig has undergone remarkable growth from its origins in optical imaging equipment to its current status as a globally recognized entity with a diversified product portfolio. Under Zhou’s guidance, the company has expanded the portfolio to include five key product groupings: camera support and stabilization systems, smartphone rigging solutions, advanced lighting and control systems, portable power solutions as well as the all-in-one live streaming setup solution. With over 720 SKUs, SmallRig caters to a wide range of imaging needs, establishing a strong brand presence in international markets.

SmallRig’s products are available in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. These solutions have found extensive application in multiple fields including live streaming, VLOGs, short-form videos, documentaries, and even Hollywood blockbusters, positioning the company as a leader in the global camera accessory market in terms of sales and market share.