Slenergy’s All-In-One Residential Solution Thrives in the Booming European Solar Market

MUNICH, June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The solar industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom in Europe, with a rapid increase in solar energy installations in recent years. The European Union witnessed a significant increase in solar power capacity installed in 2022, with 41.4GW added, up 47% from the 28.1GW installed in 2021, according to a report by industry association SolarPower Europe.

Slenergy’s iShare-Home standard kit

Seizing the opportunity presented by the thriving market, Slenergy unveiled its latest innovation, the iShare-Home all-in-one residential solar energy solution, at a prestigious Brand and New Product release event in Munich, Germany on May 31. The new line offers system capacities ranging from 4-15 kW and includes a hybrid inverter, energy storage, a cable set, and smart monitoring system that tracks data in real-time and can be remotely upgraded via a cloud platform.

The iShare-Home system distinguishes itself with standardized system and modular product design, simplified installation process and smart energy management system, attracting considerable attention in both the European and global markets.

By adopting a standardized Bill of Materials (BOM) that includes all system components, Slenergy eliminates the need for clients to spend time designing, searching, and matching various parts. The smart energy management system integrated into iShare-Home solution empowers households to monitor power generation and consumption data while providing tailored energy management suggestions based on their energy usage patterns. This not only reduces household energy costs but also improves overall energy consumption efficiency.

Moreover, Slenergy’s system boasts preassembled mounting structures, prefabricated cable connectors, and stackable battery storage, making on-site connections fast and convenient. This streamlined installation process results in great cost savings, with installation costs being reduced by up to 20% for a 5 kW/10 kWh residential solar system.

Slenergy places a strong emphasis on quality assurance, ensuring that its products meet rigorous EN, IEC and ISO safety certifications. The company, adhering strictly to precision manufacturing standards, has implemented a visualization system for its entire intelligent manufacturing process, enabling clients to track core parts information of the system. To further support customers, Slenergy provides local service teams, offering end-users peace of mind.

Committed to creating a more sustainable new energy industry, Slenergy will showcase its comprehensive product portfolio at booth B3.370 from June 14 to 16 during Intersolar Europe, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.