SINGAUTO Convenes Global Supplier Conference, Setting the Stage for International Expansion

TIANJIN, China, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — During the SINGAUTO Global Supplier Conference, held in Tianjin, China, on March 3rd, 2024, with the theme “Growing Together, Moving Towards Innovation”, SINGAUTO unveiled the S1, an intelligent lightweight urban delivery vehicle that fuses engineering innovation with cutting-edge technology. Leveraging its strengths in product design, technology, and ecosystems, SINGAUTO is ushering in a new era of international expansion with its electric commercial vehicles.

The S1 features a forward design that allows for easy one-step entry and exit, streamlining operations and minimizing physical exertion for drivers. The solution provides enhanced space utilization and a superior driving experience, a testament to SINGAUTO’s formidable research and development efforts. Currently, the firm has established global R&D centers in China and Singapore, with a dedicated team of 200 R&D experts and a portfolio of 75 patents, the majority of which are recognized in key international markets.

The conference brought together a number of reputable industry leaders who shared their insights into the sector’s trends and potential for growth. Liang Yangbing, a senior executive at Haidilao, one of China’s leading restaurant groups, highlighted the foodservice industry’s reliance on cold chain logistics. He noted that SINGAUTO’s electric trucks are meeting the critical demands of chain operations for precise temperature management, logistical efficiency, and stringent food safety standards. The focus on refrigerated trucks positions SINGAUTO for significant expansion opportunities. Furthermore, representatives from multiple suppliers, among them, CATARC Automotive Inspection Center (Wuhan), Wuxi Sunda Intelligent Automation & Engineering, Beijing Jingwei Hirain Technologies, Qingdao Zhuoyingshe Technology, JIMU Intelligent Technology, and CALB Group, were in attendance and voiced their strong belief in SINGAUTO’s growth trajectory.

SINGAUTO has always eyed global market penetration, aligning its research and development efforts with EU standards while leveraging international investments to establish a global production network in the Middle East, South Korea, and other regions. Backed by China’s advanced automotive industry, SINGAUTO has rapidly expanded its international presence, accelerating the development of its product, capital, production, and sales networks worldwide. Moving forward, the company plans to further enhance and broaden its global ecosystem, aiming to build a brighter future together with its partners across the globe.