Sidewalk Entertainment to Showcase Real-time Motion Tracking AI Tech at CES 2024

After MWC 2023, at CES 2024, Sidewalk Entertainment will demonstrate avatar’s real-time synchronization with user movements and their intention to accelerate global expansion.

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On December 19, Sidewalk Entertainment, an AI startup based in Seoul, South Korea, announced their plan to unveil their Artificial Intelligence (AI) motion tracking technology at CES 2024, the foremost IT and consumer electronics expo happening in Las Vegas, USA in January next year.

At CES, Sidewalk Entertainment is set to host an experiential program leveraging their K-Pop Dance AI Platform, STEPIN, which integrates real-time motion tracking AI technology. In addition, they will showcase a prototype technology enabling real-time synchronization of user movements with avatars.

The prototype technology to be revealed extracts 3D key points of human joints solely through a smartphone’s front camera and maps them onto avatars, simultaneously linking the movements between avatars and human. This technology makes it possible for avatars to move exactly following users’ actions.

In the realm of the metaverse, this technology signifies a game-changing shift by enabling motion-based implementation, moving beyond the conventional focus solely on virtual spaces. Sidewalk Entertainment envisions integrating this tech into STEPIN to offer a distinctive metaverse experience accessible through smartphones.

Sidewalk Entertainment’s objective at CES extends further than showcasing their self-developed AI tech and services globally; they aim to identify partners across diverse sectors and fields, creating synergies establishing a robust global market through collaborative use of their AI tech.

Kibong Kook, CEO of Sidewalk Entertainment and a first-generation professional gamer, commented, “After our participation in last September’s MWC, our presence at CES further validates Sidewalk Entertainment’s technological prowess and business feasibility. This CES provides us an opportunity to fortify collaborations with prominent domestic and international corporations, accelerating our global growth.”

You can find Sidewalk Entertainment’s booth at 62738 in Eureka Park, located within Venetian Expo Hall G, operating from January 9th to 12th, 2024. For more details on Sidewalk Entertainment’s participation in CES, visit the company’s official website (

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