Showcasing Chinese Innovation to the World! AIMA Debuts at CES, Launching a New Chapter in Global Strategy

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From January 9-12, 2024, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This event, established in 1967, has grown into one of the world’s largest, most prestigious, and influential consumer electronics exhibitions. AIMA made its debut at this year’s show, hosting its first-ever global product launch. Presenting an international brand image, AIMA took to the global stage, competing alongside over 4,000 global consumer brands.

AIMA Technology exhibits at CES2024 in Las Vegas

Leveraging its debut at CES, AIMA unveiled its global strategy centered on ‘brand globalization,’ showcasing the success of its localized brand operations in the U.S., launching the latest eMoped model, HYHAWK, and the new eBike, Santa Monica. Additionally, AIMA officially announced its deep collaboration with Bafang Electric in the eBike sector. This comprehensive strategic layout fully demonstrates AIMA’s ambition and determination to powerfully penetrate the U.S. and global markets.

Bringing a Fashionable Riding Experience to All American Users
AIMA’s CES Debut Accelerates Its Global Development Journey

Distinguished from typical industry expos, the U.S. CES gathers a broad array of companies, including leading traditional consumer electronics and core IT manufacturers from around the world. Known for advanced products and technological concepts, and strong professionalism with effective foreign trade outcomes, CES offers a unique platform. AIMA’s first global product launch here garnered extensive attention, showcasing Chinese innovation in style and technology to an audience exceeding 130,000 people worldwide. This visibility not only highlighted AIMA’s fashionable appeal but also opened new trade opportunities with numerous overseas manufacturers.

At the CES, AIMA’s booth was a hive of activity, showcasing not only the new emoped-HYHAWK and eBike Santa Monica but also its classic models like the AIMA Dandan series and Tiger Saber, all popular in international markets. The exquisite product designs received unanimous acclaim from exhibitors and visitors alike, attracting throngs of attendees and underlining AIMA Technology’s comprehensive strength and global market influence as a leading brand in the electric two-wheeler sector.

This global tech extravaganza saw many renowned Chinese manufacturers shine, with over 1,100 exhibitors, and Chinese companies making up more than a quarter of the total. Standing alongside these distinguished Chinese brands, AIMA is speeding up the advancement of core technologies and strategic products to the global stage, seeking win-win collaborations with more top international companies. Using CES as a launching point, AIMA aims to turn global market attention towards its intelligent manufacturing capabilities, marking the beginning of its new global strategy in 2024.

New Product Launch and Cutting-Edge Tech Collaboration
AIMA Partners with New Allies to Enhance Global User Mobility

At this year’s CES, AIMA showcased its diverse range of products, introducing brand-new eMoped and pedal-assist bike models. This marked not only the public debut of AIMA’s strategic new products but also a significant step in its global strategy. Notably, the flagship emoped-HYHAWK, with its outstanding cross-riding design and youth-oriented concept, captured the attention of international markets and professional media.

The emoped-HYHAWK by AIMA has just been awarded the 2024 U.S. MUSE Design Gold Award. Tailored for young people and students, this eMoped is designed as their first foray into cross-riding products. Featuring a unique design with clean lines, it embodies a futuristic, urban street bike aesthetic. The black color scheme exudes a cool, mechanical vibe, while the fluorescent accents represent a cyber-tech style. The cross-riding design combines the posture and comfort of a cruiser, and it can even be equipped with a sound wave simulator to mimic the roar of a motorcycle engine, aligning with young riders’ desire for freedom and control. Attention to detail is evident in its hidden embedded instrument panel with dynamic lighting animations that accurately display battery life and time. The digital dot-matrix headlights and seven-color ambient lighting add a digital tech feel, making night rides cooler and more exciting.

As a youthful urban eMoped, the emoped-HYHAWK also excels in performance features. It’s equipped with a large graphene battery for extended range. The all-season thermal tires, after a 15-minute ride, heat up to 50°C, becoming larger and softer for enhanced grip, and return to normal when cool. The eMoped includes front and rear perforated dual disc brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers for easy riding on various terrains.

Another new AIMA product, the Santa Monica e-bike, is tailored for overseas markets, inspired by the lifestyle of American coastal cities and the iconic Route 66. Notably, Angela Zheng, the Regional Head of AIMA Technology Group in the U.S., mentions that the Santa Monica is equipped with Bafang Electric’s first-developed high-powered yet lightweight 750W city bike motor, Route 66, for AIMA e-bikes. This motor is unique for its 73nm torque and enhanced cooling, efficiency, and start-up speed, leading its class in performance.

At this global launch event, AIMA officially announced a strategic partnership with Bafang Electric. All future AIMA e-bike products will utilize Bafang’s electronic control systems. Moreover, AIMA USA is set to deepen its collaboration with Bafang, focusing on technology R&D, product design, and application innovation to create products and mobility experiences with a stronger international impact. This win-win cooperation leverages Bafang’s extensive and reliable after-sales network overseas, ensuring efficient and comprehensive service support for AIMA USA’s dealers and customers.

New products and technologies mark AIMA’s international debut this year, introducing fresh and trendy AIMA-manufactured products to the world. In collaboration with new partners, AIMA brings revolutionary technology in electric vehicle core components. AIMA’s global strategy starts anew, promising all global users a high-quality mobility experience courtesy of AIMA.

Global Strategy Advancement
AIMA Leads the Charge in Creating a World-Class Electric Vehicle Brand from China

At the start of 2024, AIMA’s first global press conference at the CES in the USA was a significant strategic milestone. Luo Jiangang, the General Manager of International Business at AIMA Technology Group, officially unveiled AIMA’s new global strategy – focusing on OBM business for brand globalization. He emphasized the continual upgrade of international collaboration and local brand development to establish a world-leading electric two-wheeler brand.

Angela Zheng, Regional Head of AIMA Technology Group in the USA, shared the latest achievements in localizing the AIMA brand: In 19 states across the USA, AIMA has established 206 IBD channels. This not only ensures comprehensive coverage of diverse products but also establishes a localized operational model in the U.S. The company now boasts a complete local team, including localized warehousing, after-sales services, and marketing strategies. This approach helps AIMA better understand and meet local market needs, providing more efficient and reliable services to customers and partners.

In 2024, AIMA aims to expand its IBD stores across the USA to 400, covering a broader consumer base. This move aligns with AIMA’s new global strategy for 2024 – continuing to build a globally leading electric two-wheeler brand, showcasing stylish new ways of mobility to global users, and demonstrating the power of ‘Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing’ worldwide.

As an industry pioneer, AIMA has long been at the forefront of global expansion, being the first Chinese electric vehicle brand to establish its flagship store in Europe. This new phase of development brings fresh opportunities. Riding the wave of China’s growing international presence, bolstered by the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, AIMA takes another leap in its global strategy. Showcasing its prowess at the CES, AIMA represents Chinese electric vehicles on a broader global stage, embarking on a new chapter in its global strategy.

AIMA stands at a new starting point with its debut appearance, new strategy, innovative products, and collaborations. Stepping beyond national borders, AIMA leads the way, showcasing the strength and allure of Chinese intelligent manufacturing and AIMA’s brand. AIMA from China, leading the global front!