Shoplazza X Creality: How Did the Creality Online Store Achieve 12 Million Dollars in 8 Months?

TORONTO, Jan. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 2022, Creality launched its brand new official website and eCommerce store, and established its web traffic and data pool. Together with Shoplazza, Creality successfully implemented the strategy of an “official website” plus an “eCommerce store.” The synergy of these two websites has carried out and developed Creality’s brand presentation, user communication, product purchase, and after-sales service. Meanwhile, the website content and visual style are also upgraded, achieving a premium, concise, and technology-driven brand identity.

Through close collaboration with Shoplazza, Creality online store has achieved a number of global visitors surpassing 3 million, and the total transaction value has reached more than 12 million US dollars within 8 months after the website was launched. Through branded websites, Creality has become more popular among users and achieved concrete branding and performance.

Creality, a 3D printer manufacturer founded by four 3D printing enthusiasts in 2014, has never expected a growth this fast. In Sept 2016, 3D printer “Creality CR-10” went viral on YouTube. In just a few months, more than 10 million user-generated videos of this product have been shared, and 3D printing enthusiasts and the entire maker group worldwide acknowledged Creality, the company that launched Creality CR-10. Since then, Creality has sold more than 4.5 million 3D printers, expanding footprints to 192 countries and regions.

According to CONTEXT, a British market intelligence firm, in April 2020, Creality ranked first among the top 10 global consumer-grade 3D printer brands in terms of shipment volume in the fourth quarter of 2019, surpassing the total shipments of the other nine brands.

Initially, Creality mainly focused on B2B marketing channels and gradually realized that in order to build a global brand, the company needs to accumulate private traffic to consolidate brand impact. To build up experience in eCommerce operation and DTC strategies and communications, Creality decided to partner with Shoplazza.

“After in-depth research and recommendations by industry insiders, the company finally chose Shoplazza as the partner. As a global eCommerce SaaS company, Shoplazza provides professional and efficient services and solutions. In addition to their technical services and resource support, Shoplazza provides suggestions and directions on the issues promptly and always be supportive of growing together with us.” said the brand and marketing lead of Creality.

(Source: Creality eCommerce Store)

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