Shipsy Launches Plug-and-Play Unified Container Tracking Platform for Shipment Visibility Across Carriers

GURUGRAM, India, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shipsy, a leading SaaS-based smart logistics management platform, announced the launch of the self-service version of its shipment tracking platform. This development will enable customers to seamlessly scale usage of Shipsy’s advanced no-setup and instant access container tracking app according to their needs. It will also empower businesses to gain actionable insights and alerts on incidental costs, boost logistics transparency and achieve more.

Shipsy also highlighted the release of its latest Sustainability Dashboards and Global Shipping insights to help shippers monitor carbon emissions and enable intelligent decision-making to improve cross-border logistics planning.

Poor logistics visibility, rising fuel costs, siloed export/import processes, manual customs operations, and growing incidental costs have been weighing down cross-border logistics operations in the US for decades. Shipsy’s shipment tracking platform already empowers global enterprise customers to overcome these challenges.

Through an automated and easy onboarding process, customers can sign up and start tracking all their containers across the globe on a single dashboard instantaneously.

Shipsy’s shipment tracking platform is available in three versions– free version, standard, and an enterprise-grade version, available on both web and mobile.

Shipsy’s shipment tracking platform enables businesses to get a real-time view of container movement through an intuitive user experience. It drives seamless collaboration with 55+ shipping lines, 300+ freight forwarders, 20,000+ adopted shipper networks, and 50+ third-party logistics providers worldwide. The platform ensures easy sharing of shipment reports, proactively tracks and provides alerts on detention and demurrage, and helps improve logistics planning by driving insights-led decision making.

Today, using Shipsy’s shipment tracking solution, enterprises track more than 150,000 containers every month.

“Consumerization of B2B and enterprise-grade technology is driving businesses to use solutions first and then scale the same across users and departments. Customers are willing to spend time self-educating themselves about a platform. This is where I strongly feel that our self-service-powered shipment tracking subscription will make a winning difference. It will enable us to expand our operations and also ensure customers can access our technology cost-efficiently,” says Soham Chokshi. Co-Founder and CEO, Shipsy.

Shipsy will be showcasing its innovations in the product-led growth and shipment tracking space at Gartner’s Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2022 conference to be held in Orlando, Florida, scheduled 6-8 June.

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