ShipAny Starts The First AI Chatbot Powered by Payment Asia for Logistics Services

HONG KONG, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ShipAny, an innovative logistics platform, has started to provide AI Chatbot service to over 6,000 clients, an AI service provided by Payment Asia, to empower its merchants with the latest update in technology.

ShipAny introduces the AI chatbot designed to provide round-the-clock support to merchants at one stop, which allows merchants to get instant support and guidance. The next phase will roll out price comparisons for the logistics services within the year. ShipAny hopes to use Payment Asia’s AI empowerment to provide merchants with the latest AI tools to help merchants streamline operations, enhance customer service, and promote global sales.

With AI experience seamlessly incorporated into ShipAny’s operations, customers can now enjoy enhanced support and services anytime. Using this innovative AI tool, merchants can receive personalized guidance, resolve queries efficiently, and optimize their operational efficiency. Merchants can now talk to the AI Chatbot on their phones and experience exceptional customer experiences.

Mr. Taurus Cheung, Co-founder of ShipAny, stated, “By providing our expertise in logistics with cutting-edge AI capability, we are redefining the way merchants operate and expanding their global reach. The AI Chatbot will revolutionize the merchant services landscape, setting new standards for efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Ms. Tanya Yeung, Sales Director of Payment Asia, added, “We are excited to offer ShipAny our AI solutions and seamlessly incorporate our AI experience to solve the needs of merchants. It represents our commitment to empowering businesses with innovative tools that drive growth and success in the digital marketplace.”

ShipAny’s AI Chatbot service not only sets the stage for unprecedented advancements in e-commerce but also underscores a shared commitment to driving growth and excellence on a global scale. As businesses worldwide look towards a future defined by efficiency and cutting-edge solutions, ShipAny and Payment Asia hope to lead the technology trends, guiding the e-commerce industry to explore more infinite possibilities and success.

If anyone wants to know more about ShipAny’s AI Chatbot, please add +852 31688808 on WhatsApp and start your journey right away!