BERLIN, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SGW Global and Motorola Mobility LLC today announces the signing of an extended multi-year deal granting SGW Global the exclusive rights to develop and market the Motorola brand of Home Audio products globally*.

SGW Global will now be responsible for the innovation, design, marketing and sales of an expanded Motorola Audio category, which includes both Personal Audio and Home Audio. This extends the more than 10-year partnership which currently also includes the licensing of Nursery and Personal Audio products. This partnership will build on the experience, energy and capabilities of both companies to increase design and innovation in the audio market, with the intention of expanding the product range, and enhancing the quality, user experience and audio performance of both Personal and Home Audio products.

“We consider it to be a huge privilege to be entrusted with the Home Audio category of products for the Motorola brand. Having been a licensee of other Motorola categories, we understand the strength that the brand brings,” says Malcolm Paton, Executive Director of SGW Global. “Motorola’s legacy of quality and innovation is unmatched and we have experienced great success in our current partnership. We look forward to how we will build on it with the addition of Home Audio.”

“Throughout our long-standing relationship, we have always been impressed with the quality, safety and reliability of SGW products, SGW’s compliance with the requirements of the brand licensing program and SGW’s dedication to the Motorola brand,” said David Carroll, Executive VP of Brand Licensing for Motorola Mobility LLC. “With SGW’s leadership, we believe SGW will take Home Audio products to a new level and look forward to partnering with SGW on this journey.”

SGW Global was granted the exclusive licensing rights to Personal Audio in December of 2020, which includes consumer audio accessories that are intended to be used in conjunction with mobile phones, such as Wi-Fi headsets; mono Bluetooth and Wi-Fi headsets and compact; portable, battery-powered Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers. Earlier this year, SGW Global introduced a new product to the Personal Audio category that was hugely successful and expanded the personal audio experience into automobile integration. The Motorola MA1, a plug-and-play adapter that integrates with Android Auto, has been recognized with numerous innovation awards and after the success of the initial launch in the US, the production quantities were increased to match the demand.

The Addition of Home Audio allows SGW to now bring its experience and innovation to consumer audio products within the home experience, including: amplifiers/receivers; Stereo Shelf Systems; turntables; sound bars, speakers and subwoofers; home theater systems; speaker stands, and in-box audio cables, connectors and remotes, and other similar devices. The agreement will see SGW’s consumer electronic portfolio significantly strengthen and expand worldwide opportunities for the Motorola brand. 

*Global Home Audio license excludes India.