Secoo Group: Transforming Luxury Goods Operation Models with AIGC and ChatGPT Technologies

BEIJING, Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, Secoo Group (NASDAQ: SECO), a leading online-offline boutique lifestyle platform in Asia, has been continuously exploring the application of intelligent content generation technology to luxury-related businesses, such as pre-sale customer communication and consultation, luxury product basic information, including product titles, selling points, brand stories, related collocations, etc., with a service frequency of over 100 million and a consultation resolution rate of more than 90%. Subsequently, Secoo Group will also conduct in-depth research and expansion on AIGC and ChatGPT related technologies, realizing interactive conversations similar to real people through ChatGPT technology, further enriching the degree of relevant content such as luxury-related text and video content, product selling points description, etc., and significantly improving the conversion rate; with an ever-changing pace, profoundly, quickly, and thoroughly changing the existing luxury e-commerce operation model. In the future, AIGC will lead a new revolution in the digital content field and become the content production infrastructure of luxury e-commerce.