SECOO Group: access to the ERNIE Bot developed by Baidu, the Chinese version of ChatGPT, luxury smart marketing scene landing for the first time

BEIJING, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, SECOO Group (NASDAQ: SECO), Asia’s leading online and offline boutique lifestyle platform, announced to become the first batch of ecological partners of the ERNIE Bot developed by Baidu, the Chinese version of ChatGPT (English name: ERNIE Bot). Later, SECOO Group will fully experience and access the ability of ERNIE Bot.

Next, SECOO Group will apply Baidu’s leading intelligent dialogue technology to the field of luxury smart marketing. This move marks the first landing of the dialogic language model technology in the domestic luxury smart marketing scene, as well as the priority of SECOO Group to gain the support of leading AI technology.

ERNIE Bot is a generative dialogue product launched by Baidu, the world’s largest Chinese search engine. Based on ERNIE, a series of AI-powered models, Baidu has worked hard in the field of artificial intelligence for more than ten years. It has the industry-level knowledge enhancement model ERNIE, and has the ability of deep semantic understanding and generation across modes and languages. It has a broader imagination space in many fields such as search engine cloud computing, content creation and generation, and intelligent office.

On 6th February, SECOO Group announced that it would carry out in-depth research and development on AIGC and ChatGPT related technologies, realize interactive dialogue similar to real people through ChatGPT technology, further improve the richness of luxury related text and video content, commodity selling point description and other related content, and significantly improve the conversion rate. The current operation mode of luxury e-commerce has been profoundly, rapidly and completely changed with the rapid pace.

About SECOO Group

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