Seauto Launches its First-Ever Sonar Navigation Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Seal – A Revolutionary Robotic Pool Vacuum with Cleaning Floor And Wall, Smart Route for 98% Pool Coverage. Design to Support a Comfortable Pool Environment for Families with In-ground Pool Clean Needs. 

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Seauto, a brand new pool cleaning company, has been committed to technical research and development in the field of pool cleaning for 3 years and announces the launch of its newest pool cleaner product,the Seauto Seal Robotic Pool Cleaner. This model has Intelligent Route Planning and 3 types of cleaning modes for full pool cleaning, not only able to  clean floor, but is also able to climb and clean walls, realizing all-rund cleaning of swimming pool.

As the flagship product of Seauto, Seal will launch in June, destined to start a new wave in the pool cleaning industry.

“Combining cutting-edge industrial technology with daily life has always been our goal, now we have finally put it into reality, with our latest product – Seal, our goal has finally been achieved,” The product developer of Seauto, Mr. Deng said. “Everyone should have the chance to enjoy how technology can be of help in our daily lives, not just some nouns. Seauto is the one to revolutionize swimming pool maintenance.

The first product to miniaturize Sonar System into a robotic pool cleaner

Sonar has been used in ships since the early 20th century, but this is the first time for Sonar System to be installed in a robotic pool cleaner. Seauto put a pair of transmitting array and receiving arrays to act as the robot’s eyes and ears. Compared to other robotic pool cleaners only equipped with a gyroscope, Seauto Seal can finally have the ability to map and navigate through the entire pool, covering at least 98% area, including pool bottom and pool walls, which has never been achieved by any pool cleaners before.

Battery life has always been a huge problem for cordless pool cleaners as no one wants a pool cleaner runs out of battery and stop working in the middle of a cleaning cycle, but Sonar navigation has put this problem to an end by mapping the pool to determine the best route, avoid any messy and repetitive pattern, reserve battery in the most effective way.

The first product to achieve capable to self-adjust when put into pool upside down cleaning

Three high-performance brushless motors on Seauto Seal are not just for stronger suction power, but also engage it to cleaning the floor and wall, with an angle of 15° between the robot’s main brush and waterline, get any stubborn stains out with Seauto Seal’ dual soft rubber brushes, but won’t hurt any kind of pool liners.

Three brushless motors provide a strong and long-lasting heart. Compare this with traditional pool cleaner robots equipped with brush motors, which could easily damage the carbon brush causing motors to become loose, and need replace regularly, otherwise carbon brush and coil wiring head will tear eventually, and an electromagnetic break will occur. On the contrary, the brushless motor runs smooth and sturdy, with no carbon brush within to contact and tear, making it last for more than 40 thousand hours.

Seauto makes what the user desires

Seauto listens to users’ voices and developed Seal, designed to solve the pain points that the robots on the market easily flip over while climbing and cleaning pool walls. There’s no need to worry about the pool vacuum cleaner flipping and floating anymore. Seal is equipped with a special Self-Righting Feature, with the perfect anti-flip center of gravity design to avoid most accidents flipping over. With the help of software and hardware collaboration, the three brushless motors will work together to maintain upward all the time.

We invite you to view an amazing pool cleaning robot, the Seauto Seal pool cleaning robot based on AI technology. The Seauto Seal Robotic Pool Cleaner is now available on or Amazon for $699.99 .

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About Seauto

SEAUTO was founded in 2021 with a mission to revolutionize the pool cleaning industry through innovative robotics.In the past 3 years, Seauto has been committed to technical research and development in the field of pool cleaning, has broken through the underwater intelligent route planning and cordless technology, and has launched Roker Plus, Roker SE, Seal , Seal SE and Shark intelligent automatic pool cleaner series 

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