Savvycom and Insider to Unlock the Full Story of APAC Enterprises’ Customer Data

HANOI, Vietnam, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Savvycom, Vietnam’s leading digital transformation and software development company, and Insider, a Unicorn Martech platform for individualized customer experiences, inked a strategic partnership combining Savvycom’s in-depth technological knowledge in fintech, healthcare, and e-commerce with Insider’s world-class customer analytics solutions to accelerate APAC enterprises’ top-line growth.

The Key Moment for a Successful Strategic Partnership

This strategic partnership between two tech-driven organizations is expected to open up opportunities for integration across platforms, not only to enable business growth through understanding customer data but also to increase operating margin and create agility and adaptability, particularly for the APAC region in various digital-pioneer industries such as fintech, healthcare and e-commerce.

With more than 70% of customer interactions digitalized, APAC organizations are under increased pressure to transform rapidly. The Thailand Digital Transformation Survey Report 2022 pointed out that successful companies will avoid returning to normalcy by permanently shifting their mindset and ways of working.

Insider and its comprehensive platform plays a vital role in managing data and optimizing user experiences with updated technologies, such as real-time 1:1 personalization with users, automated AI/ML technology to help understand, 360-degree user profile data, forecast and build omni-channel customer journey. These innovations assist businesses in conversion rates optimization and engagement for sustainable growth.

Meanwhile, Savvycom’s deep expertise in technology consulting and implementation, acquired through an extensive range of service delivery for large regional enterprises including SCG (Thailand), CLP (Singapore), CPR Vision (Hong Kong), and VinGroup (Vietnam), is taking advantage of its digital core strengths. The company focuses on digitizing processes and supporting cloud-based infrastructure transitions to match business needs and attributes to improve business operations through efficient and accurate decision-making.

Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom said, “Digital technologies and a data-centric mindset have unlocked significant opportunities for healthcare and financial services to drive new operating models centered on engaging experiences. As global and local enterprises seek to transform their businesses digitally, we bring them optimal and scalable solutions with our expertise and profound understanding of data from the unicorn start-up Insider.”

“The technological unity between Insider and Savvycom provides a wide 360-degree view of users and personalized user experiences across multiple platforms,” added Insider’s SEA Regional Director, Jack Nguyen. “This partnership will help Insider go above and beyond its standard capability, building on an already impressive résumé of over 100 leading enterprises in Vietnam and over 800 around the globe, while assisting enterprises in capturing the latest and greatest trends in tech, getting one step closer to sustainable growth.”

As a showcase of commitment, Savvycom and Insider will be hosting a series of seminars and workshops to enhance digital work in five areas, including ecosystem, organization, team, leaders, and individuals. The cooperation represents a significant step forward, empowering both companies to better resolve the market’s needs. 

About Savvycom
Savvycom is one of Vietnam’s leading digital technology companies, providing digital transformation consulting services and software solutions in finance, healthcare, and retail for domestic and international businesses. Headquartered in Hanoi with three representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City, California, and Sydney, the company’s mission is to bring innovative technology into life by leveraging the engineering workforce.

About Insider
Insider is a Customer Data & Experience Platform (CDxP) leveraging on its predictive proficiency in segmenting customers using AI Technology. Marketers could quickly gain access to and make use of the CDxP to process and transfer customized eser experiences across multiple channels.