Save Dad From Lawn Duty with the LUBA 2 AWD Series Robotic Lawn Mower

Father’s Day deal includes three sets of blades for a picture-perfect lawn all summer long

HONG KONG, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The rhythmic drone of lawnmowers fills the air on Saturday mornings, the quintessential soundtrack of summer, yet unwelcome reminder of weekend yard work. But what if Dad could reclaim those precious hours, trading manual labor for leisure while still achieving a pristine, professionally-groomed lawn?

Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD Series Robotic Lawn Mower Father’s Day deal

This Father’s Day, give the gift of free time and a perfect lawn with MAMMOTION’s LUBA 2 AWD robotic lawn mower. For three days (June 14-16), every LUBA 2 purchase in the U.S. and Canada comes with three FREE sets of replacement blades to keep Dad’s terrain looking like the 18th green at Augusta all summer long while he enjoys a drink at the 19th hole.

The autonomous LUBA 2 is the ultimate gadget for dads, combining literal cutting-edge technology with eco-friendliness, making lawn care effortless thanks to this no-perimeter wire required personal landscaper with high off-road capability that puts traditional lawn mowers to the woodshed. Instead of plugging his ears for two hours and walking slowly behind a gas-guzzling mower, Dad can brag he’s got the highest-tech lawn assistant in all the land with advanced features like:

Brilliant navigation, quick setup with no wires required: Forget about messy boundary wires and cords! The LUBA 2 uses cutting-edge 3D Vision and RTK Fusion-mapping system, guiding it effortlessly across the entire yard while hugging borders and expertly avoiding obstacles like trees, furniture and lawn decor. Conquers every terrain with ease: Don’t worry about Dad struggling on slopes, bumpy patches or overgrown areas. LUBA 2’s all-wheel drive and strong suspension tackle steep hills up to 38-degrees, rough patches, and uneven ground effortlessly, making sure every inch of your yard looks perfect. It can mow lawns up to 2.5 acres. Freedom from yard work: A self-operating robotic mower that takes full control of the yard work. After configuring the app’s multiple mowing zones, each with its own cutting heights and schedules, he can delegate the work to this robotic groundskeeper while catching up on his favorite hobbies. Maximum efficiency, minimum effort: Featuring 400mm dual-cutting blades, algorithm route optimization, and a robust lithium battery system, LUBA 2 mows more efficiently than any other mower on the market, achieving the industry’s highest benchmark for mowing efficiency. Personalized lawn designs: The real wow factor? The LUBA 2 uses innovative lawn printing technology to let you create stunning custom designs, logos, and messages via the MAMMOTION app.

“Dads work hard all year — they deserve to spend their summer weekends enjoying quality family time instead of pushing a noisy gas mower,” said Jidong Wei, CEO of MAMMOTION. “With the LUBA 2 handling the mowing, dads can kick back while their lawn gets a professional robotic grooming.”

Don’t make Dad choose between an Instagram-worthy yard and some valuable me time. Let LUBA 2 do the work for him. With this limited-time bundle available through Amazon and the MAMMOTION website, Dad will receive the gift of the best-looking lawn on the block without the backache.

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