Save Big on SetPower Portable Fridges for Prime Day

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., July 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The annual Prime Day is just around the corner. As a company that manufactures and provides high quality portable fridge freezers designed to fit the outdoor lifestyle. SetPower is dedicated to making their innovative and durable refrigerators more accessible to outdoor enthusiasts. SetPower is thrilled to announce exclusive offers on its official website during the Prime Day promotion.

2023 Prime Day arrives! SetPower is happy to announce the special offer of portable fridges in the Prime Day promotion and sharing the outdoor cheer in summer season.

From July 10th to July 13th, all outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the Prime Day special promotion, enjoy significant benefits, and gain access to innovative and durable portable fridges designed to enhance outdoor experiences.

PT series

The SetPower PT series fridge is one of the best-sellers. It comes with a dual zone dual temperature control design, which will help users better store their food outdoors. It also has max and min modes, which people can switch between freely. The max mode mainly allows the car fridge to cool down quickly in a short time. When setting max mode, it will consume about 52W of the power consumption per hour, depending on how many foods put in. When people use the min mode, the fridge will only consume less than 38W of the power. So, no worry about the off-grid living.

FC series

The FC series, which can also call it the “Little Giant”, is the latest mini fridge released by SetPower in 2023. The original intention of the FC design is to provide lightweight, affordable, and powerful refrigerators. The 15.8Qt and 21Qt capacities can ensure the needs for a short journey while ensuring that the refrigerator can be easily carried. The FC fridge is also designed with a detachable lid, allowing customers to freely adjust the opening direction of the lid and access the food. It will definitely be a game changer!

The highlights of Prime Day

During the event, three fridge styles save 20% off: the RV Series 60Qt RV60D, TC Series 69Qt TC65, and X Series 50Qt battery powered X50.

Additionally, all other series will also enjoy 20% off, including our best-seller, the PT Series, which offers a full range of dual-zone dual-temperature control 12V fridges. Furthermore, the little giant FC Series, with its 15/20 Qt small capacity, provides extra space for the vehicle while offering unlimited convenience during the journey.

SetPower is recognized for its reliable and practical products, earning a positive reputation among outdoor enthusiasts. This Prime Day promotion presents a prime opportunity for customers to experience the benefits of SetPower fridges and elevate their outdoor fun to new heights.

About SetPower

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