KANSAS CITY, Mo. , Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SafetyCulture, the US$1.7 billion global technology company known for creating the world’s most-used checklist app (iAuditor), has unveiled the most significant update to its products since the company began in 2012.

At its inaugural ‘SafetyCulture Next’ event, the company unveiled a new supercharged version of the SafetyCulture workplace operations platform, which will support its ambition to reach over 100 million deskless workers by 2032.

Despite the fact around 80% of the global workforce are in frontline roles, investment in technology has traditionally been focused on supporting systems for office-based workers. SafetyCulture believes it can fill a gap in the market by building software that frontline workers actually want to use.

SafetyCulture is known for its products that help teams perform inspections and raise and resolve issues. The new version of its platform unveiled today also includes:

Training – offering a smarter way to onboard, instruct, and upskill teams. This feature digitizes work instructions and equipment manuals and helps create training on the go. Assets – providing a versatile digital record-keeping tool for physical assets, where users can also perform inspections and log issues against specific assets. This feature offers an up-to-date audit trail and access to vital data, like vehicle telematics via QR code. Sensors – offering the ability to monitor a variety of sensors and telematics. Heads Up – helping leaders communicate critical team updates via video. The feature also records acknowledgment of this information from teams. Marketplace – assisting workers to order workplace gear and equipment with a single click. This feature has been designed to simplify procurement, free up valuable time, and become a one-stop shop. 70,000 products from 120 brands are now available to customers in the USA and Australia.

Importantly, these features are all integrated and available for workers on one platform. As a single system, it removes the need for workers to toggle multiple systems, use different apps, and navigate paper-based procedures.

“We’ve announced a lot of new features today, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that we’re working towards a huge goal: to change the way people work, for the better. Secondly, we want the platform to be used by over 100 million users by 2032,” said Luke Anear, Founder and CEO of SafetyCulture.

The new platform also assists teams in transforming everyday tasks. It can digitize paper-based forms from a photo and harnesses the power of AI to help users create custom training, lessons, and inspection templates from their phones in mere minutes.

Alongside the platform’s launch, SafetyCulture has released new research, which delves into the experience of the frontline workforce.* The research shows the majority of frontline workers (63%) are likely to use a single app (or a platform) at work, and half (50%) are excited to learn about emerging technologies, including AI.

SafetyCulture also teased several new features coming to its platform, including the ability to manage contractors, functionality to manage incidents, and a feature to help improve lone worker safety. 

You can view the online event here.

About SafetyCulture:
SafetyCulture is a global technology company that helps frontline teams find a better way of working. Its mobile-first workplace operations platform gives teams the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to meet higher standards, work safely, and improve every day. The SafetyCulture platform powers over a billion checks each year, delivers approximately 75,000 lessons per day, and informs millions of corrective actions.

A recent analysis by Forrester found that SafetyCulture’s flagship products provide customers with a 214% return on investment and $3.6M in cost savings from operational improvements. Customers of SafetyCulture’s award-winning products include the likes of Jet Blue, Marriott, Toyota, and Schneider Electric.