Safety Does Matter: Huntkey Released 6 Leading Safety Technologies in the Charging Industry

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the popularization and application of electronic products, more consumers have a great demand for chargers with multiple USB ports. They value high charging efficiency and safe charging products. Recently, Huntkey released six leading safety technologies. The application of these technologies makes sense for both consumers and the charging industry.

1. Potting and encapsulation

The main function of potting glue is to strengthen the integrity of electronic equipment. After use, it can strengthen the resistance of electronic products to external shock and vibration, avoid contact between electronic components and circuits, and strengthen insulation index. The potting glue used in Huntkey’s chargers has shockproof and moisture-proof effects, and consumers can use them outdoors. Huntkey adopts fully automatic Seiko equipment, which can dissipate heat more evenly, and the surface temperature rise of the product during use is less than 35℃, and the user experience is better.

Huntkey 100W GaN fast charger applies this technology, which has better heat dissipation


Huntkey 100W GaN fast charger is compatible with many devices

2. Fire protection

Some chargers are prone to sparks at the moment of plugging in, which will cause potential safety hazards during the use of the charger. Huntkey’s fire protection technology has obtained utility model patent protection, which ensures that the charger will not be damaged in the abnormal environment of different contact sparks, and guarantees the safety of products and users. After testing, the safety factor has increased by 75%.

3. Gold-plated contacts for current carrying

The plating layer of the charging interface of ordinary mobile phones is mostly nickel plating on copper. The disadvantage of this plating structure is that it can be plugged and unplugged less frequently, has poor corrosion resistance, poor wear resistance, and short service life. Huntkey’s chargers adopt phosphor bronze, with gold-plated and thickened USB contact ports, and the impedance and heat fluctuations of the 10,000-plug test are smaller. The contact resistance is only 15% of that of a non-gold-plated USB, which can greatly reduce heat generation and avoid the risk of melting the shell.


4. Multi-contact electric conduction

Some mobile phone chargers use a single shrapnel structure with only one contact, which will cause metal fatigue after long-term use, and there is a high risk of sparks due to poor contact. Huntkey chargers adopt three-sided and four-contact structures, which ensures tight contact and no risk of sparks.

5. The integrated technology of magnetoelectric planar transformer

Huntkey magnetoelectric planar transformer integration is a combination of transformers and circuit units. The skeletonless design makes the internal structure more compact and orderly, which can greatly increase the working frequency of the transformer and reduce the volume of the transformer by about 40%. Suppose users prefer charging products with smaller volumes and hope that the product has better heat dissipation performance and a more comfortable user experience. In that case, these products applying this technology are a good choice.

6. Minimize the effect of common-mode noise

Does anyone experience freezes or flickering when playing mobile games? In fact, this is the interference signal between the main circuit or signal circuit and the ground, which makes the flickering phenomenon appear when playing games. Huntkey’s common-mode noise optimization technology reconstructs the transformer and circuit layout design effectively weakening the interference signal between the main circuit or the signal circuit and the ground, achieving the purpose of basically no common-mode noise influence for ensuring the touch sensitivity even in the charging mode. 


About Huntkey

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