Ruijie Networks, ICT Industry Leader, Launched OEM and ODM Services in Malaysia to Contribute to the development of the digital economy

BEIJING, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ruijie Networks, an ICT industry leader, has launched OEM and ODM services for ICT network products in the Malaysia recently, covering wireless products, campus network devices, and data center switches. Leveraging its supply chain advantages and advanced manufacturing capabilities, Ruijie can offer flexible and high-quality OEM&ODM services tailored to meet customer demands, thereby helping Malaysian enterprises integrate resources and maximize business benefits to help accelerate digital transformation.

As a leading supplier in the ICT industry, Ruijie has served over 60 countries and regions worldwide, with OEM&ODM services available in 11 countries.

The OEM&ODM services launched in the Malaysia include Standard ODM service, solution-based ODM service, and JDM service. Ruijie has set up local teams to provide high-quality and high-speed services to local customers. Enterprises highly value the autonomous production capabilities, advanced manufacturing processes, and core component supply ability of the OEM&ODM services. With 23 autonomous production lines, Ruijie is at the forefront of the industry in terms of main chip installation capabilities and key connector manufacturing processes. Meanwhile, Ruijie has established deep and extensive collaborations with top-tier suppliers to guarantee product supply and joint development and innovation of core components (chips, storage devices, connectors, and fans).

Why Ruijie OEM&ODM Business

56000m2 Manufacturer with 23 Product lines Deep and extensive cooperation with industry’s leading suppliers Superior quality management system: management system& product certificates

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Adam Tang, Head of Ruijie’ OEM&ODM business, stated, Malaysia is in the process of becoming a digital nation, and ICT services play a central role. Ruijie enters the Malaysia market to provide industry partners with a new choice of business model that can optimize resource allocation and achieve mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.

Using the OEM&ODM services provided by Ruijie in Malaysia, enterprises will have the opportunity to benefit from their cutting-edge technologies and efficient production processes. This strategic move is expected to promote innovation and cooperation in the Malaysia ICT field, enabling enterprises to gain higher operational achievements and competitiveness in the global market.

About Ruijie

Ruijie Networks, a leading ICT infrastructure and industry solution provider, dedicated to R&D, design, and sale of network devices and network security products. According to IDC, Ruijie ranked 1st in Wi-Fi 6 product shipments for 4 consecutive years and 3rd in China’s ethernet switch market.

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