RSQUARE collects data from 300,000 buildings in Asia

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A company specializing in commercial real estate data, RSQUARE, announced that it has collected information about 300,000 commercial properties throughout Asia, including Korea, Vietnam and Singapore.

RSQUARE announced that it has collected information about 300,000 commercial properties throughout Asia.

Using its own data collection personnel, RSQUARE (CEO Lee Yong-gyun) has verified 130,000 office and retail buildings, 12,000 logistics centers, 17,000 factories, and 23,000 public offices, garages, and parks. It maintains a combined database of 182,000 pieces of information in Korea.

There are currently 115,500 commercial and industrial building databases in Southeast Asia, which include offices, retail buildings and factories in Vietnam (50,500) and office, and retail buildings in Singapore (65,000). Besides listing the location, number of floors, area, and year of completion, the report also included data such as the owners, rental managers, vacancy status, and a list of tenants.

RSQUARE has undertaken a comprehensive survey of commercial buildings, factories, and industrial complexes in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand since the beginning of the year. The overseas database is expected to increase even further. For the purpose of maintaining its accuracy, RSQUARE updates the building information manner on a regular basis.

The cumulative volume of transactions in the real estate sector has exceeded 7 trillion won. As of this writing, more than 3 million square meters of commercial real estate have been connected (based on contract area). The area of this figure exceeds the area of Yeouido (2.9 million square meters). As a result, startups seeking small and medium-sized offices, as well as companies that require large and medium-sized offices can now find a solution for this problem.

The former minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Noh Hyung-wook, was recently appointed as an outside director to ensure internal stability. Outside director Noh served as Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism from 2021 to 2022. Since society, environmental, and governance (ESG) are considered to be the basis of sustainable growth, companies are now required to consider not only their core business and growth strategy, but also management strategies that integrate the values of society and work together with members of society. In its current state, as Korea’s No. 1 proptech, RSQUARE has grown to become Asia’s proptech leader, and will be able to find new growth strategies for the company.

The CEO of Sisa Journal, a Korean weekly magazine, named Lee Yong-gyun one of the “2022 Next Generation Leaders 100.”. The Sisa Journal selected 100 individuals who will have a significant impact on Korea in the future in every domain, including politics, economics, society, and culture.

RSQUARE provides data analytics, land/building purchase/sale advisory, and real estate asset management (PM) using data that has been examined thoroughly. After analyzing the data collected, the company intends to expand its operations throughout Southeast Asia.