RPX Corporation Launches RPX Empower

SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, RPX is pleased to announce the launch of RPX Empower.

“RPX Empower is a patent intelligence platform that I believe will significantly enhance both the capabilities of our existing patent-related tools and the model through which they are delivered,” said Dan McCurdy, Chief Executive Officer of RPX.

RPX Empower includes the ability to search and apply advanced analytics to detailed information on patent litigation, patent portfolio analysis, SEPs, NPEs, and much more. Empower is backed by RPX’s 15+ years of patent analysis and transaction experience.

The Empower platform offers subscribers access to:

Litigation intelligence, including details on all patent suits filed in district court since 2000, Federal Circuit patent cases, PTAB proceedings, and ITC proceedings. Proprietary campaign perspective that groups matters by underlying patents and litigating entities, providing a holistic view of the plaintiff’s monetization efforts across cases, venues, and jurisdictions. Entity profiles built from in-depth research and intelligence on patent monetization entities, including their affiliations, litigation patterns and outcomes, and patent acquisitions. News and analysis of recent trends, notable litigation events, and patent transactions. Comprehensive portfolio assessment and optimization tools that simplify analysis of patent acquisition opportunities, portfolio growth potential, and portfolio maintenance decisions. A first-of-its-kind patent rights manager for tracking inbound and outbound patent rights in a unified system of record, reducing rights leakage, simplifying financial reporting, and providing analyses of portfolio expirations, litigations, and assignments. AI-enhanced scores and metrics, designed and vetted by RPX’s patent experts, that reduce the time required to analyze patents, patent assignments, citations, and patent filing activity.

To learn more about RPX Empower, visit empower.rpxcorp.com.


RPX Corporation is the leading patent risk management platform, offering defensive buying, acquisition syndication, patent intelligence, and advisory services. Since its founding in 2008, RPX has introduced efficiency to the patent market by providing a rational alternative to litigation. The San Francisco-based company’s pioneering approach combines principal capital, deep patent expertise, and client contributions to generate enhanced patent buying power. By acquiring patents and patent rights, RPX helps to mitigate and manage patent risk for its growing client network.

As of March 31, 2024, RPX has invested over $4B to acquire rights to more than 200,000 US and international patent assets on behalf of more than 450 clients. 

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