Rokid leads the charge in AR tech innovation with the new Rokid Max AR glasses set

These best-in-class next-generation AR glasses go beyond with an aim of democratizing more affordable AR technology to a wider consumer base, offering users the high-quality portable cinematic viewing pleasure and crystal clear sound they expect from Rokid – in a go-to 75g super lightweight design device.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Following the success of its Rokid Air AR glasses, Rokid is launching its next-generation AR glasses – the Rokid Max (“Max”), which consumers can pre-order directly from Rokid Online Website ( March 21, 2023.

Rokid Max

A 215-inch boundaryless screen from 6 meters away with a maximum 120Hz refresh rate gives users a 50% larger display area than the previous generation and the already super wide field of vision (FOV) reach to around 50 degrees, making Max an impressive must-have for movie lovers of all ages.

These smart, comfortable, and myopia-friendly AR glasses allow everyone to enjoy them, including people with short sight. Max’s sophisticated, super slim (18.5mm wide) design means these birdbath optical Micro-OLED, 1920*1080P AR glasses’ lenses are thinner than other products on the market and they also reduce frontal light leakage by 90% so those outside your field of vision are limited in what they see on your AR display. The privacy that Rokid offers in its stunning new Max AR glasses means you can work, watch a movie or play a game in peace. Users can unlock new realities and bring their imagination to life, while leaving no world unexplored.

Max uses Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation’s panel for sharper picture quality,  ensuring every detail when users are watching their favorite films anywhere they happen to be. At just 0.16lbs (75g) their super lightweight design is even less than predecessors, making Max an easily portable MAX-theater experience to enjoy on-the-go. With a foldable design, these savvy AR glasses can be carried in a pocket or bag, so users can make the most of them anywhere.

Max supports seamless diopter adjustment from 0.00 to -6.00, so during the adjustment process, the screen will not become smaller due to the adjustment. This enables users to enjoy a stunning visual without any impairment and, acknowledged for its eye comfort protection, with independent tester certification from TÜV Rheinland, Rokid’s AR glasses enable everyone to enjoy an exceptional visual experience. 

Perfect for keeping users’ hands free while still getting things done, Rokid’s perfectly balanced ergonomics and aesthetics design means Max guarantees comfort, no matter how long users use these smart AR glasses. Users might even forget they are wearing them at all.

But these Rokid Max AR glasses go beyond what the humble spectacles do, thanks to the Rokid AR app, which is downloadable on Google Play Store. Since Rokid Max is HDCP compliant, consumers can connect their mobile devices to the Rokid Max to surf the internet or watch high-bandwidth digital content through various streaming services.

Hui Du, Head of Rokid Hardware Design Center, explained: “Everyone can enjoy stunning image quality, cinematic sound, riveting large-screen gaming experience, and limitless entertainment anywhere they go thanks to our Rokid Max AR glasses. The Rokid Max offers an immersive movie and gaming experience, so buyers can take their favorite games and shows out with them, wherever they go.

The design inclusion of those who are nearsighted supports the Rokid ‘s mission of ‘Leave Nobody Behind’. Rokid Max AR glasses are perfect for technology lovers, game enthusiasts, movie goers who want to have the latest AR innovation in their lives.

Shipping of the Rokid Max AR glasses begins at the end of April 2023 for only $439, for delivery during May, so invest in yours now by visiting

Rokid is actively exploring solutions to expand compatibility across different devices to meet the needs of various users. Whether consumers are Android or Apple users, the company is researching and developing products to provide additional plug-and-play solutions that have been released in China and are coming to consumers in the USA in the near future.

About Rokid

Rokid, a product platform company founded in 2014, focuses on human-computer interaction technology. Currently, Rokid is working on the research and development of hardware and software products such as AR glasses and the YodaOS operating system.

Through the research of speech recognition, natural language processing, optical display, semiconductor platform, and hardware design, Rokid has developed a range of augmented reality (AR) glasses for customers such as the Rokid Air consumer AR glasses that were released in 2021.

To date, the company’s products have been sold and used in over 80 countries and regions worldwide.

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