Rokid and Eyedaptic Launch EYE5 to Help AMD Patients Enhance Their Vision

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Rokid, an augmented reality glasses manufacturer,  partnered with Eyedaptic to unveil the all-new EYE5 smart glasses at the American Academy of Optometry 2022 Annual Meeting and Expo. The latest model brings wearability to a whole new level and covers the widest range of use cases for central vision loss including Diabetic Retinopathy and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Equipped with simulated natural vision software, the Eyedaptic EYE5 solution optimizes the user’s functional peripheral vision through a small embedded camera that captures an individual’s environment, manipulates and enhances the pixels and re-displays the image.

The smart product includes novel artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms, while its latest features integrate seamlessly with Eyedaptic’s custom user interface. Furthermore, the EYE5 still offers the EyeSwitch 2-in-1 functionality combining a wearable and a hand-held visual aid all in one product, eliminating the need for multiple products for different scenarios.

With the availability of Eyedaptic wearables, patients with retinal diseases can now be referred to solutions that enhance their quality of life, easily and unobtrusively.

Create a complete visual jigsaw to enjoy a whole world

From nano-robots to intelligent bionic hands, a growing number of technologies and achievements are prolonging human life. Patients with macular degeneration perceive the world as if a piece of it was covered by a black cloth, leaving a black hole of absence.

Eyedaptic develops visual aids for macular degeneration and other retinal diseases. The software, powered by Air Pro, an augmented reality hardware developed by Rokid, re-displays images from the user’s surroundings after processing the images and enhancing the pixels, helping patients see their important surroundings .

Wearable technology is no longer just available for the tech-savvy. Eyedaptic’s new eye5 is easier to use, lighter and more comfortable for anyone of any age suffering from central vision loss.

Restoring the clarity of colors

What does the world look like in the eyes of people with normal vision? Blue sky, white clouds, the invigorating autumn landscape, the fragrance of cinnamon in the air, clear and colorful scenery, full of life.

Eyes are the window to the soul. But for people with eye diseases, their vision is blurred, distorted, or obscured by black dots. The world in their eyes is crippled, and they have extreme difficulty when attempting to read, may be unable to travel, or even see their loved ones clearly.

According to the first World Vision Report recently released by the World Health Organization, the number of people worldwide with visual impairments or blindness surpasses 2.2 billion, while the number with macular degeneration is expected to increase from 195.6 million in 2020 to 243.3 million in 2030. With the changing demographics, more and more people will suffer from it.

“People value their eyesight over ten times more than any of their other senses. The EYE5 gives my patients with visual impairments access to life-changing technology that enhances their vision,” said Dr. Mitul Mehta, MD Vitreo Retinal Surgeon and Eyedaptic’s Chief Medical Officer.

Technology makes life better

Clinical studies have been conducted to demonstrate the utility and efficacy of the solution built by Eyedaptic and Rokid based on the Rokid Air Pro. The clinical data demonstrated over a doubling in visual acuity and a fivefold improvement in daily activities. It is ideal for those managing a wide variety of tasks whether it be seeing a movie, grocery shopping, or working at a computer.

Rokid is a product platform company focusing on product development of hardware and software for 5G, AI and AR applications. The firm combines cutting-edge Al and AR technologies with industry applications through multi-disciplinary research in speech recognition, natural language processing, computer vision, optical display, chip platform, and hardware design to provide full-stack solutions for customers in different verticals, creating super workers in the age of intelligence, enhancing the user experience and helping companies perform better.

With the mission to “leave nobody behind”, Rokid empowers more people to enjoy a happy and wonderful life through technology.

The poet Gu Cheng once penned some verse that said, “I was given the dark eyes by the dark night, yet I use them to search for light.” It is human nature to be in the pursuit of brightness. Advances in technology not only play a role as a physical function, but also makes it possible for more and more people to avoid struggling just to get through the day. The power of technology to make lives better is ultimately a miracle created by people. We believe in the infinite possibilities of life and cherish every moment of every day!