Rockwell Automation Secures RM150 Million Project from Exyte Group in Malaysia

Implementation will include lifecycle services as the lead automation contractor to build a facility monitoring and control system

SINGAPORE, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, has secured a turnkey project worth RM150 million (about SGD45 million) from Exyte Group, a global leader in the design, engineering, and delivery of high-tech facilities in Malaysia.

As the lead automation contractor, Rockwell Automation will support Exyte by implementing LifecycleIQ Services to complete a Facility Monitoring and Control System (FMCS) for a leading multinational and technology corporation’s production facility in Penang, Malaysia. The FMCS project, which will offer the end user a highly efficient, real-time data monitoring solution, is expected to be completed by late 2023.

Operational inefficiencies in a highly heterogeneous industrial environment composed of multiple vendors and legacy systems are driving demand for lifecycle services. Frost & Sullivan estimates that each year the manufacturing industry suffers from operational losses of more than US$1 trillion globally[1]. Lifecycle services allow companies to be more productive at every stage of the lifecycle. It also helps companies capture more value from digital transformation initiatives.

Rockwell Automation’s LifecycleIQ Services connects, secures, mobilizes, and scales manufacturing operations for greater performance, reliability, safety, and ongoing innovation. Combining digital technologies with expansive technical know-how, LifecycleIQ Services can help manufacturers accelerate time-to-market, reduce costs, maximize asset utilization, and eliminate operational risks. These services cater to businesses across industries including food and beverage, pharma and life sciences, mining, semiconductor, data centers and many more.

“To remain competitive, companies are challenged to work faster, smarter and with greater agility across all phases of their enterprise lifecycle. They face issues including aging infrastructure, lower productivity, workforce skills gaps and the need to achieve sustainable growth. Lifecycle services combine industry, technology, operational and application expertise to enable safe, secure and reliable manufacturing,” said Marcelo Tarkieltaub, regional director for Southeast Asia, Rockwell Automation.

“We are excited to work with Exyte, which shares our objectives of empowering businesses with innovative technologies. With our global expertise, we are well placed to help Exyte’s end user be future-ready by incorporating agility and flexibility in both infrastructure and processes,” added Marcelo.

Southeast Asia’s industrial automation and process control market is expected to reach $4.97 billion by 2025. This growth will be driven by favorable government initiatives to promote the adoption of automated systems along with growing investment, increasing demand for automation from various manufacturing sectors and a growing need for mass production with reduced operations cost[2]. Globally, the service lifecycle management application market size is expected to grow from US$1.6 billion in 2022 to US$2.93 billion by the end of 2030[3].

Rockwell Automation has been in Asia Pacific for more than 40 years and continues to invest in its vision of expanding human possibility and digital transformation for its customers across the region. With over 5,800 dedicated employees in the region and a robust ecosystem of partners collaborating towards delivering value for our customers, Rockwell Automation continues to transform the industry, unlocking potential and productivity through automated and connected innovation.

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