Roboup Announces Launch of the World’s First Virtual Boundary Mower with RTK, AI, and Robotic Vision

SHENZHEN, China, March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Roboup has announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their new Robotic Mower. The company is striving to make the Robotic Mower the industry-first virtual boundary mower with RTK, AI, and Robotic vision, which is now available on Kickstarter. The delivery will start in April 2023. For more info, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

With a traditional mower, the physical boundary has to be made before mowing. The wire always requires to be maintained as broken etc. Besides, Hiring somebody or mowing by self, which costs money and energy. The frustration passed because Roboup developed a virtual boundary mower.

RoboUp is brand new and different from others in that:

Create a Perimeter without wire, whether the lawn is open or sheltered

For the quality of the virtual boundary during various situations, Roboup brings GPS-RTK, Robotic Vision, and IMU technologies. This is the first experience.

If the RTK signal in a lawn is good, the RTK system works automatically. The precision is centimeter level. If the signal from RKT is not good, the robotic vision and IMU systems will compensate for the poor signal.

Easy to use and care for surroundings

With direct UI operation or app actions, the user can mow conveniently. During mowing, the AI and ultrasound-safe system ensure static or active obstacles are recognized. If people or animals are around it, Robot will first judge their safety and then choose the right way to mow. Roboup is designed with solid materials, and the active collision meets the safety standard. When un-perfection occurs, Roboup will protect the surroundings.

Mow all lawns anytime and anywhere

With the self-adaption floating system and powerful motor, Roboup can handle wholes, slopes, and other uneven ground in lawns. RoboUp can handle with different grass height requirements and the border cutting. The multi-zone function is a suitable solution for extensive or separated lawns. With lamps and a 56adb design, RoboUp can work at night.

Maintain easily By Trustworthy Design

RoboUp could be washed directly. It is IP67 water-proof. When the volume of the battery is under 20%, it goes back station for charging itself. If rains, the machine goes its home to the station directly. Or the user can close this function. The Anti-theft system is equipped, including auto-lock, alarm, and pin code etc.