Roborock Releases Study Analyzing Pet Owner Cleaning Needs On World Animal Day

From lack of time to stress and inadequate cleaning appliances, Roborock shares insights into today’s consumer needs

HONG KONG, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Roborock, a leading developer of robotic and cordless household vacuum cleaners, today releases a study exploring the needs of pet owners in regard to cleaning. The Roborock team surveyed over 10,000 pet owners, professionals aged 25-45, male/female, from across six countries, who are responsible for cleaning up after their pets, on how often they clean up pet fur, droppings, pet-made mess, and more.

Roborock’s Key Findings

Time is of the Essence: Taking on the responsibility of a pet is one thing, but taking care of a constant mess is another. Of those surveyed, 49% expressed a lack of time is most challenging for cleaning their homes. Many are in a rush when cleaning up after their pet, with 43% spending up to half an hour a day doing so. Additionally, the survey found that 71% of respondents spend between 0.5-2 hours cleaning their homes each day.

Suitability for Pets is a Must: The study also examined the most common messes pet owners need to clean up in their homes. The survey reported that 40% of respondents have to pick up pet fur, 57% need to clean pet waste, and 40% reported cleaning pet-made mess, such as spilled food, every day. Moreover, Roborock’s study found that respondents remove pet hair from the floor (36%) most often, followed by cleaning up a pet-made mess from the floor (30%). Despite 40% of respondents reporting cleaning their home every day, there is a significant impact on one’s ability to keep up with pets and messes in the home.

Less Cleaning, More fun: Roborock understands that chasing after pets, kids, and even cleaning up after one another seems like a never-ending task. This study found that 33% of respondents admit cleaning their homes after work or before bedtime. Simply put, pet owners spend less time relaxing or doing things they enjoy like playing with their furry friend, sacrificing their time to clean their homes.

“We have always placed convenience at the top of our list when it comes to creating robotic vacuums. Our findings reaffirmed that time-saving tools, like the Q5 Series line, remain a need for pet owners, so users can achieve an effective, hands-off clean. Wherever we can improve the user experience, whether it’s powerful suction,  customizable in-app cleaning, or multi-level mapping, we look to give consumers more to enjoy other activities,” says Richard Chang, CEO of Roborock.

The Roborock Q5 Robot Vacuum, a great fit for helping to solve all of these pain points thanks to its time-saving and hands-off cleaning qualities, is available for $429.99 on Roborock’s webstore, Amazon, and Walmart. Q5+ Robot Vacuum with Auto-Empty Dock Pure is available on  Roborock’s webstore, Amazon, and Walmart in the United States for an MSRP of $699.99.

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