Roborock Introduces Next Generation Qrevo MaxV Smart Robotic Vacuum Into Australia and New Zealand

SYDNEY, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Roborock, a global leader in ultra-intelligent home robotics engineered to simplify daily life, launches its latest robot vacuum and mop Qrevo MaxV in Australia and New Zealand. The Qrevo MaxV offers users a complete hands-free floor cleaning experience by taking both vacuuming and mopping off of your plate while combining powerful cleaning functions, self-maintenance capabilities, and intelligent app features for ease of use into one package. 

Roborock Qrevo MaxV

“Roborock is proud to bring Australian and New Zealand shoppers an elevated cleaning experience through the Qrevo MaxV.” Says Richard Chang, Founder & CEO of Roborock. “Market preferences are shifting towards products that boast both powerful cleaning functions and are easy to interact with. The Qrevo MaxV is designed to address the constantly changing needs of our consumers by having the company’s latest innovations. It automates cleaning for all areas of a home and equipped with features that seamlessly integrate into a smart home.”

The Qrevo MaxV robot vacuum and mop provide customers an option to clean with extendable dual spinning mops with 98.8% edge coverage, while offering flagship-level cleaning, self-maintenance, and intelligent features. The Qrevo MaxV is ideal for those looking for a one-stop cleaning solution available at a competitive price point. Key features include:

The FlexiArm Design™ Edge Mopping System features a robotic arm mop that extends to clean hard-to-reach areas at as close as 1.85mm along edges with 98.8% edge coverage.

Eliminate all messes with 7,000Pa suction power as the mop system rotates at the speed of 200RPM while lifting 10mm when a carpet is detected to avoid dampening it.

Multifunctional Dock 2.0 offers full suite self-maintenance with 60°C hot water mop washing, 45°C warm air drying, water tank refilling, and auto dust emptying. Dirt levels are detected to determine subsequent mop re-washing and conduct re-mopping where necessary.

“Hello Rocky” built-in voice assistant for an interactive cleaning experience.

Equipped with Reactive AI obstacle recognition & avoidance, video calling, auto brush lifting, and more.

The Qrevo MaxV is available now on the Roborock webstore and selected retailers with an MSRP of $2199.00.

About Roborock

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