Roborock Announces Q5 Pro Series Robot Vacuum in Australia And New Zealand Further Expanding Innovative Floor Cleaner Lineup

SYDNEY, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Roborock, a global leader in ultra-intelligent home robotics engineered to simplify life, is excited to announce the Q5 Pro Series robot vacuum into their robust portfolio of floor cleaning devices available in Australia and New Zealand.

Roborock Q5 Pro

The Q5 Pro Series introduces Roborock’s most advanced cleaning technology to customers in the market for an entry or mid-range robot vacuum, including the brand’s DuoRoller™ Brush system delivering improved hair-pickup rate, a staggering 5,500Pa suction for powerful mess cleanup, and LiDAR navigation. The Q5 Pro Series consists of two models, the robot vacuum standalone Q5 Pro, and the Q5 Pro+ that comes with an auto-emptying dock enabling prolonged period of hands-free maintenance.

“Roborock products aims to bring the most powerful cleaning solution to an everyday smart home. By implementing our most powerful technology into our full suite of floor cleaners, customers will experience the simplest and most flexible home maintenance that they always love from a Roborock product,” said Richard Chang, Founder and CEO of Roborock. “The Q5 Pro Series are more than just cleaning companions, they’re designed so users can live their lives with more spontaneity and flexibility. We strive to continue our quest to develop simple solutions so our users can cultivate cleanliness and comfortability in their homes effortlessly.”

Q5 Pro Series: For customers pursuing a worry-free, high-quality cleaning experience.

Double Vacuuming Power

The Q5 Pro is equipped with the brand’s most powerful DuoRoller™ Brush system ensuring fewer hair tangles and 20% more hair removal from carpets. Combined with a suction power of 5,500Pa, users can experience high-performance removal of dirt, hair, dust, and pet hair on all floor types.

Easy To Use Intelligence

Q5 Pro has LiDAR based navigation that easily creates a detailed map of its surroundings, making the robot easy to control with the Roborock App. App features such as smart suggestions for No-Go zones, fast cleaning, and clean along floor directions improve cleaning efficiency and save time for the user.

Proven Mopping And Self-Emptying Capabilities

The Q5 Pro offers proven mopping systems allowing simultaneous vacuum and mop capability. The enhanced Q5 Pro+ is paired with the acclaimed RockDock® Plus auto-emptying dock with E-12 Rated dust bags, storing up to 7 weeks of dust without manual emptying.

The Q5 Pro is available from Roborock and selected retailers starting at an MSRP of $699.00, more information about the Q5 Pro+ will be announced soon.

Continuously adapting to consumers’ evolving needs, Roborock’s latest launches leverage intuitive technology and are designed to empower people to live their lives to the fullest. With the brand striving to be an intuitive tech partner that understands the ever-changing practical needs of users, its latest product introductions is a continuation to its commitment to deliver a “Rocking Life With You” experience to its consumers.

About Roborock
Roborock is committed to innovation in researching, developing, and producing home cleaning devices, particularly robotic, cordless, and wet/ dry vacuum cleaners. Every Roborock product has been designed with an eye on solving genuine problems, so Roborock customers can live better lives. Currently, Roborock is available in more than 40 countries, including the U.S., Germany, France, and Spain. The company operates out of four locations, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. For more information visit


Roborock Q5 Pro+ With RockDock® Plus Auto Emptying Dock