Robo Co-op Empowered by 0.7million USD Investment from Ritsumeikan University Social Impact Fund to Accelerate Refugee Digital Inclusion

-Revenue-Based Financing Marks a Significant Milestone for Social Enterprises in Japan

TOKYO, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Robo Co-op, a pioneering social enterprise focused on refugee empowerment through digital skills, has secured a transformative 0.7million USD investment from Ritsumeikan University’s Social Impact Fund (RSIF). This revenue-based funding, a first for both organizations, signifies a new era of sustainable funding for social enterprises in Japan and will directly fuel the organization’s mission to provide comprehensive digital skills and flexible employment opportunities to refugees, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).

Top: Robo Co-op’s CEO and Refugee Members meet with Senior Members of RSIF. Bottom: Robo Co-op’s refugee members lead an AI training session for UNHCR Japan.

By advancing digital inclusion and economic empowerment for this vulnerable population, Robo Co-op reinforces its commitment to social innovation and sets a precedent for impactful, sustainable funding models in the social impact sector. This investment will enable Robo Co-op to significantly expand its impact in several key areas:

Increased Training Capacity: Funding will enable Robo Co-op to train more refugees in cutting-edge digital skills, including generative AI, RPA, and other in-demand technologies. Expanded Employment Opportunities: The investment will facilitate the creation of more remote work opportunities, allowing refugees to build sustainable careers. Enhanced Social Impact: Robo Co-op will strengthen its programs to measure and demonstrate the positive social impact of its work, including increased income levels, improved well-being, and greater community integration and social cohesion for refugees.

Recent Activities Showcasing Robo Co-op’s Impact

– Robo Co-op’s founder, Jintae Kim, recently advocated for refugee digital inclusion with AI at the CRCP held by UNHCR in Geneva in June 2024, sharing Robo Co-op’s innovations (career impact bond x digital impact sourcing), and proposing a Global Digital Inclusion Task Force.

– Our refugee members shared success stories at Automation Any where’s Imagine 2024 conference, highlighting the transformative power of AI and automation.

– Jintae facilitated a panel discussion at the Welcome Summit in Tokyo, exploring new possibilities for refugee inclusion through AI.

– Robo Co-op’s refugee members led an AI training for UNHCR Japan

– Robo Co-op start offering group training on generative AI, prompt engineering, and practical use cases, including advanced API integration and AI×RPA implementation for other companies and NGOs.

About Robo Co-op

Robo Co-op supports refugees in overcoming political conflicts, civil wars, persecution, and natural disasters to build new futures. It was founded by Jintae Kim based on his background and experience as he was born in Japan as the third generation of North Korean facing similar challenges as refugees. The organization aims to develop individuals capable of thriving in the upcoming AI era by providing digital skills education and employment opportunities to refugees and single mothers, striving for their economic independence.

At Robo Co-op, “refugee” is defined as “people who overcome difficulties and carve out a new future.” Their activities go beyond mere support, believing in the refugees’ ability to shape their own futures and walking alongside them every step of the way.

Contact Info for Robo Co-op

Join us in our mission to empower refugees. Visit Robo Co-op or email [email protected]

About RSIF

The Ritsumeikan Social Impact Fund (RSIF) is an investment fund established by Ritsumeikan University to pursue both social and economic value. The fund is managed by Plus Social Investment Co., Ltd., based in Kyoto, Japan. RSIF operates under the Ritsumeikan Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Promotion Office, which also runs the RIMIX (Ritsumeikan Impact-Makers Inter X Platform). This platform is designed to support Ritsumeikan University’s entrepreneurial and commercialization initiatives.

RSIF was established in the fiscal year 2020 with the aim of supporting challenges in solving social issues through new ventures. The fund targets investments in businesses managed by Ritsumeikan students, alumni, and other affiliated individuals, including nonprofit organizations.

For more information about RSIF visit