RightPick’s “Pickup Artifact” pioneered JUPAS big data analysis AI to help recommend the DSE candidates for 20 department rankings

At the same time, the test of Hong Kong’s first subject selection on personality is implemented and being released in July.

HONG KONG, July 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The DSE is about to be released, which means the end of an annual DSE. Since the epidemic, many students have been affected by the epidemic, causing lots of difficulties and pressures in their studies. What they are facing is not only the pressure of the public exams, but also the academic pressure due to the suspension of classes under the epidemic, resulting in the slow progress of teaching. In addition, students are making important decisions about choosing subjects. The founder of RightPick, Mr Wong, felt that due to the impacts of the epidemic, the communication between students and teachers was reduced, and thus, the support of JUPAS for subject selection or other further education’s information to students are lacking. Therefore, he began to work and study with the middle school teachers and human resources consultants on the direction for students to analyse the artificial intelligence system – RightPick for analysing the ways of subject selections. Since its launch, many middle schools and students have chosen– RightPick’s online subject selection resources to help them to rank the JUPAS subjects.


RightPick’s has three professional majors in helping JUPAS selection. First, in July, we developed the first personality analysis for subject selection in Hong Kong, and one-on-one consultation and analysis. Through the RightPick test, students could recognize their own personality traits and abilities, different professional advice are provided to students based on the analysis, and answers the questions from students one-by-one. Second, by using the  artificial intelligence, it could find out the latent characteristics of the department and students and to calculate the level of mutual matching, so as to provide professional recommendation. The calculation method is based on the students’ personality, interests, abilities, and career orientation etc in order to achieve a balance. Hence, to give the most suitable JUPAS subject selection advice. Third, using big data analysis, provide professional opinions and information on 362 JUPAS subjects in 11 universities in Hong Kong, and analyse the 20 JUPAS subjects which are the most suitable for each DSE student.

*”Inadequate Self-knowledge” is the disadvantage of students in their JUPAS course selection*  The RightPick team has conducted more than 5,000 questionnaires, synthesizing the data of graduates from 362 departments, and using big data, algorithms and AI to analyse the most suitable for each DSEers on 20 University JUPAS subjects. By the RightPick test, not only does it help students match the subjects, but more importantly, also solves some common problems which students will be faced with in the subject selection. In order to improve the self-awareness of students, the questions of the RightPick’s test have been carefully designed. Students need to fill in the detailed items of different categories, in the process will stimulate the thoughts on the attributes such as personality, interests, university expectations, and also job expectations.

Besides, many secondary schools should also have some career planning and further education counseling services to help students choosing their JUPAS subjects. However, due to the recent impacts of the epidemic, many lessons have switched to online teaching, making it difficult for the teachers to have contact and connection with the students, causing students could not get sufficient professional opinions. Therefore, one of the selling points of RightPick is that we can provide a series of professional information and assistance for students online without leaving home.

The intelligent subject selection system provides information for further studies, and the preparation for career development. Even though students have clear goals and have already recognized their own characters and abilities, but based on the numerous choices of Jupas subjects, it is difficult for students to search for the information of each subject one by one. Therefore, there is a high chance of randomly choosing subjects, as well as choosing the wrong subjects. To make up for these deficiencies and help students master their ability to pursue further studies in education and their subject interests as early as possible, RightPick has established a subject selection system covering the characteristics of 362 JUPAS subjects among 11 universities in Hong Kong. Furthermore, using artificial intelligence to find out how well the relevant subjects and students are matched, and rank the 20 subjects which are the most suitable for students. The advice provided by RightPick not only matches the personalities and abilities of the students, but also on the directions and future of the career. During the consultation, get to know the attitudes of students, match their interests, values, and salary requirements of various careers, so as to predict the choices to articulate to the career in an easy way.

Using Big Data to help students pursue their dreams, RightPick collects those big data from multiple universities and faculties, and obtains various professional opinions and information from college students through questionnaires, resulting in one million data points. Therefore, besides helping students to choose the most suitable JUPAS subjects, RightPick can also help those who want to obtain comprehensive information about the university, such as the environment of the college, assignments requirements, study format, future job opportunities, etc.

RightPick utmost understands that most of the students are only needed to get some professional opinions and information to set their own goals and dreams. We believe that if you get to know your character as early as you can, you will be able to go to school more smoothly in the future and be able to achieve your goals successfully.

Except from providing the above professional information, RightPick also understands what nowadays students are confronting. Not only are students under heavy academic pressure, but also feel anxious because of the expectations of their families and teachers, and want to strive for the best. Therefore, having doubts and worries on the subject selection, and hope to choose the most suitable subject for itself. In this sense, RightPick’s service not only helps students with the problems on the course selection, but also listens to the ideas or thoughts through one-on-one consultation and counseling.

RightPick hopes that we can comprehensively take care of the emotional needs of students and the studies. Hoping, students can enjoy a fruitful and cheerful school life, but at the same time, can achieve their goals of further education.

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