RewirEd Summit at COP28 makes history by bringing education to the forefront of climate action to impact billions of children and youth globally

DUBAI, UAE, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RewirEd Summit, the first ever global education summit on climate brought together 1,000 participants, including 2 heads of state, 22 ministers, and 28 CEOs, with 260 speakers from diverse sectors, representing 209 entities and 76 countries, to address urgent gaps in education transformation and showcase powerful solutions that exist at the climate-education intersection.

RewirEd Summit at COP28 makes history by bringing education to the forefront of climate action to impact billions of children and youth globally

The Summit featured 35 action-oriented sessions turning the spotlight on rewiring education systems to empower children and youth to actively contribute to climate action at every stage of learning.  Through real and concrete examples, stakeholders from across sectors demonstrated the power of transforming education, through a whole-of-society ecosystem approach, built on cross-sectoral collaboration.

Key initiatives Announcement:

Launch of ‘Green Rising’ by UNICEF and Generation Unlimited to create pathways from 2023-25 for at least 10 million children and youth through volunteering; green skills building, jobs and entrepreneurship; as well as advocacy.


RewirEd Summit to spin-off as an independent standalone global platform led by a board, co-chaired by representatives from GPE, ECW, and Dubai Cares.


The Aga Khan Foundation launched a new online portal of over 100 teacher-led, teacher-tested, and teacher-approved climate action solutions for education from more than 60 countries, co-funded by Dubai Cares.


In collaboration with Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN), the Governments of the Kyrgyz Republic and Malawi will link early childhood development and foundational learning with climate resilience and action in their countries.


The Social Investment Program (SIP), an initiative led by Dubai Cares, with Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, under WFP’s School Meals Coalition, will scale up sustainable homegrown school feeding programs in Senegal, and catalyze the Technical and Vocational Education and Training program.


Rwanda, Kenya, and Sierra Leone announced commitment to implement the recommendations outlined in the ‘Planet-Friendly School Meals White Paper’, launched by the Research Consortium for School Health and Nutrition.


Dubai Cares and the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens (BKMC) announced the launch of Green Jobs for Youth Online Training and Mentoring Program to empower youth. 


RewirEd Summit reinforced the urgent gaps in education transformation that will be addressed by the Global Education Solutions Accelerator, launched on December 2 during COP28 in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation, and with the strategic support of the Global Center on Adaptation.


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