Revolutionizing Gaming Connectivity: GearUP Joins Hands with Epicsoft Asia for Enhanced Online Gaming Experiences

SINGAPORE, Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GearUP, a leader in the gaming solutions space, is thrilled to announce a global partnership with Epicsoft Asia, a leading distributor of PC and console games in North and Southeast Asia, and a subsidiary of GCL Asia. This collaboration seeks to elevate modern PC gaming experiences with vastly improved performance and superior connectivity, enabling gamers across the globe with smoother online gaming experiences, free of lags or unstable connections.

As part of this collaboration, GearUP will offer solutions such as the GearUP Booster, available for a three-day free trial, to resolve gaming connectivity issues when playing online. The solutions will be conveniently accessible and distributed via Epicsoft Asia’s network of online and offline channels.

The GearUP Booster is a network solution tool for PCs, consoles and mobile devices that aims to overcome high ping and latency in gaming; reducing lag and improving performance. The solution does this by leveraging virtual network technology to optimize traffic packets and enhance download speeds. The tool also uses a smart network setup for each specific title, allowing it to support multiple games at the same time without affecting other applications.

The collaboration aims to elevate PC gaming connectivity for players worldwide by making connectivity solutions more accessible to gamers around the globe. Leveraging their respective technologies and expertise, GearUP and Epicsoft Asia are set to benefit all PC gamers who opt to use the service. In addition, players will have access to VIP services to further enhance their gaming experiences. The solution is available globally, allowing gamers to experience seamless gameplay, regardless of their geographical location.

“Given the rapidly evolving gaming landscape, higher graphical performance, better network transmissions, and faster loading times are essential for optimal gaming experiences for online-centric game titles, be it a multiplayer shooter, battle royale or  team-based tactical battles. GearUP, specializing in providing gamers with the latest technology and connection infrastructure, plays a pivotal role in addressing these issues,” said Jacky Choo, Group Chairman and Founder of GCL Asia.

Through this collaboration, GearUP and Epicsoft Asia are committed to delivering  seamless, lag-free gaming experiences that are tailored to individual gamers. Whether they are looking for better graphics, faster loading times, or more reliable servers, this collaboration ensures they can find it all under one roof. The free trial provides gamers with an opportunity to understand how this solution works to enhance their gaming experiences.

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About GearUP Booster

GearUP Booster is a Singapore-based company dedicated to providing top-tier game optimisation services, ensuring optimal network connection, reduced latency, and prevention of packet loss. With a focus on enhancing the gaming experience, GearUP Booster has garnered recognition as a leading provider in the industry.

About Epicsoft Asia

Epicsoft Asia is a leading channel partner for games and entertainment software in Asia, with over 16 years of game publisher relationships, retail network management, marketing services and creative media design capabilities. The company is the appointed distribution partner for Take-Two, CD Projekt Red, SEGA®, WB Games and Mindscape in the Southeast Asia and Greater China regions.

About GCL

GCL is a group of four key businesses that collectively provides an entire suite of services and reach, enabling creators to deliver fun experiences to the fast-growing market of Asian gamers. With a presence in 7 countries, GCL’s companies comprising Epicsoft Asia, 4Divinity, and Titan Digital Media, connect with developers, publishers and brand owners to establish entertainment properties with consumers in the region.

Helmed by games industry veteran Jacky Choo, GCL’s vision is to be the next Asian powerhouse in the games entertainment and content marketing space, delivering high-quality, engaging gaming experiences to the entire region with brand partners and content creators.