Revasum (ASX: RVS) Announces a 20%+ increase in the productivity of their flagship CMP product for silicon carbide wafer manufacturing, the 6EZ, achieved by implementing improvements to the wafer handling control software

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Revasum today announced the release of improvements to the system control software for their flagship silicon carbide CMP tool, 6EZ, which increase the throughput of the system by up to 20%+.  The throughput improvements are included in our latest SW release 3.1 and include a number of improvements in the 6EZ wafer handling control software. The upgrade has been successfully deployed on existing 6EZ production systems at the factories of multiple Tier 1 customers.  This software significantly reduces the 6EZ’s cost of ownership per wafer for our customers.

‘The wafer handling control software in previous 6EZ software releases included wafer handling moves that were optimized for some early SiC polishing recipes but were imposing unnecessary constraints for the production recipes that are currently implemented by our customers.  By removing these constraints, and implementing other wafer handling improvements, we were able to significantly increase the throughput of the tool without any detrimental impact on tool reliability.  We have also ensured that these improvements would not change the excellent process results from the production recipes currently being used by our customers.’ Said Bill Kalenian, Vice President of Engineering at Revasum.

‘Since achieving our initial goals of demonstrating reliable high-volume operations and repeatable, high-quality polishing results on hard SiC substrates, it was right time for Revasum to enable higher productivity for our customers as they ramp to higher wafer volumes.   SW 3.1 enables a significant increase in productivity, and has a number of other new features that will improve the flexibility and reliability of the 6EZ in high volume production,’ said Scott Jewler, Revasum CEO.  ‘Software version 3.1 has been installed and released to production at multiple leading SiC substrate customers and will ship installed on future orders.’

About Revasum, Inc.:
Revasum specializes in the design and manufacturing of grinding and polishing equipment for semiconductor manufacturing. Revasum has leveraged its significant intellectual property portfolio to develop two flagship products designed from the ground up for silicon carbide.  The new products are configurable for SiC wafer sizes up to 200mm.

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