Retro Stage is Expanding Its Offline Business: Offering an Immersive Experience

MONTEREY, Calif., July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thanks to the rapid growth and evolution of the online store, it paved the way for Retro Stage to expand its offline business — bringing the brand directly to the public in local vintage clothing stores. The offline business model consists of launching showrooms and forming partnerships with brick-and-mortar retailers who specialize in vintage-inspired clothing.

Retro Stage is Expanding Its Offline Business: Offering an Immersive Experience

The Offline Business Development of Retro Stage

Retro Stage was created by a group of retro enthusiasts who love the style of the 1920s, ’50s, and ’60s, aiming to make beautiful vintage-inspired garments for fellow fashionistas who are also attracted to the retro style. What began as a simple passion project quickly evolved into a way to preserve these aesthetics and explore new ways of applying them to modern clothing. Since introducing the Retro Stage website to the public, over 500,000 sales have been made in nearly 200 countries, and it has gained nearly 600,000 subscribers on its official social media accounts in just a few short years.

The success of the online website inspires Retro Stage to expand the business by seeking offline opportunities. Thanks to the local team’s extensive groundwork at the start of the project, in early 2020, Retro Stage launched its first showroom in Los Angeles and officially began nurturing local partnerships by offering collaborative promotions such as seasonal sales, themed events, and influencer collaborations. Since then, the retro style movement has expanded to 15 stores in 8 states across the US. Even pop-country music artist Arizona Lindsey featured Retro Stage’s clothing in her music video I Didn’t Fit in Anyway.

The driving forces of enduring success are high-quality products and vintage inspiration. “Thanks to all of our wonderful offline partners, their warmhearted service and high-quality products shown at brick-and-mortar stores help build trust between the customers and us,” the Retro Stage team said, “and thanks to our talented designers, we will continue to keep retro styles alive and design more satisfactory vintage-style clothing for our customers.”

What is happening at Retro Stage?

In addition to launching a special collection based on a themed celebration each season, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, and Weddings, Retro Stage is constantly adding new items to categories like 1920s flapper dresses, 1950s swing dresses, 1960s pencil dresses, and vintage swimsuits, jumpsuits, and rompers. Each category has a range of representative pieces that show off their unique cuts and classic silhouettes.

Dark Green 1920s Sequined Flapper Dress

The glittering sequins, dazzling fringe, and elaborate decorations symbolize the wild and vivid ’20s. From ballroom dancing to the spinning Charleston, the wearer can feel the charm of the Roaring Twenties again and never stop dancing. For more stunning dresses, check out the 1920s collection.

2pcs 1950s Yellow Romper & White Floral Skirt

This yellow romper with a removable floral-printed skirt, inspired by 1950s fashion, features not only a unique design but a vintage flavor as well. The wearer can also sport the romper by itself, and the floral skirt can be paired with a floral halter lace-up bikini set to DIY a unique retro-style dress. Check out Mrs. Maisel’s favorite dress collection.

1960s Rose Suspender Pencil Dress

Who would say no to a dress covered with rose print? The rose pencil dress, with its modern design and bright colors, is the darling example of fashion from the 1960s as well as an overall iconic style that will ensure that wearers feel the retro charm. For elegant and fashionable styles, check out more 1960s dresses.

Lace Strawberry Cami Tankini Set

The strawberry motif and soft lace are the perfect combinations of modern and vintage styles, making the pink tankini set timeless. For a lovely and vibrant look, it’s an excellent choice to show off at the pool or sunbathe on the beach. Even more elegant and unique styles are available in the summer swimsuit collection. Check out more retro bikini sets, one-piece swimsuits, tankini sets, skirted swimsuits, and swimsuit cover-ups.

1950s Floral Halter Lace-up Vintage Romper

Representing the beauty of nature-inspired motifs, the daisy print romper evokes a feeling of real forest greenery. The lifelike daisies on the romper make the wearers feel as if they’re surrounded by fragrant flowers. It’s easy to stay pleasantly cool in the summer due to the comfortable fabric and fresh colors, just like a 1950s girl camping by a stream in the forest. Check out more charming rompers.

Green 1950s Velvet Vintage Jumpsuit

This dark green velvet jumpsuit decorated with plum blossoms combines elegance and high fashion to help exude femininity. The voluptuous deep V neckline perfectly outlines and accentuates the bust, and the handkerchief-shaped sleeves shape the arms to achieve a slimmer look. At the same time, it also maintains the comfort and functionality of pants. Check out more vintage fashion jumpsuits.

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