Resiners Introduces the Ultimate Budget-Friendly AirLess Lite Bubble Removal Machine for Resin Crafting Beginners

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Resiners, the pioneer and innovator of resin machines, has recently unveiled a budget-friendly bubble removal machine designed specifically for beginners in resin crafting. The AirLess Lite Bubble Removal Machine is available for purchase and local delivery on Amazon’s US, UK, and EU sites. It can also be purchased globally and shipped worldwide through the official Resiners website (Amazon’s UK, EU will be available at the end of the month).


“Resin crafting’s primary difficulty stems from the existence of air bubbles in the resin mixture. Resiners’ latest innovation addresses this challenge by leveraging our patented UltraVacu technology. This advanced technology efficiently extracts air from the resin container, ensuring the removal of all bubbles during the extraction process,” Chuck, the founder of Resiners said. “With the slogan “Lite Price Ignites Your Bubble-Free Dreams!”, Resiners aims to bring the joy of bubble-free resin project to a wider audience.”

The new product, a lite version of the previously launched AirLess Bubble Removal Machine, offers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. What sets the AirLess Lite apart is its exceptional affordability without compromising on quality. The AirLess Lite excludes real-time vacuum level display and the 5/9-minute timer function, resulting in a more cost-effective solution that does not compromise the overall effectiveness and user experience for beginners.

Some of the other distinguishing features include:

Super-Efficient Bubble Removal: The AirLess Lite stands out in the market with its -93Kpa Ultra-High Vacuum and Advanced Rotor Tech. The -93Kpa Ultra-High Vacuum ensures stability and efficiency during operation, while the Advanced Rotor Tech enhances the durability and reliability of the equipment. User-friendly one-click auto operation: Designed with simplicity in mind, the machine’s user-friendly interface is perfect for beginners. With its one-click auto operation feature, beginners can easily trigger the bubble-removing technology. Medium to low viscosity resin compatibility: The AirLess Lite is more suitable for medium and low viscosity resin, offering effective bubble removal. The AirLess model is suitable for low, medium, and high viscosity resin. Instructional video: Resiners has also provided beginners with an instructional video on the brand’s official website, offering the perfect solution for determining the optimal bubble removal time for the machine.

As the first and top brand of resin machines, Resiners strives to enhance crafting efficiency and improve the overall crafting experience. Resiners’ dedication to providing top-quality auxiliary machines for resin craft has earned them recognition and admiration from over 200 influencers and media outlets worldwide.

About Resiners

Resiners, our brand name, stems from the creative fusion of “resin” and “ers,” embodying the essence of a vibrant and dynamic community of resin crafting enthusiasts, creators, and artists who breathe life into the captivating world of resin art. Fueled by technology, creativity, and unbridled enthusiasm, we strive to make resin crafting accessible and rewarding to all. We offer innovative and user-friendly resin craft auxiliary machines, including the first-ever resin curing and bubble removal machines, further redefining artistic expression. Empowering resin lovers with innovative products, Resiners is “Where Art and Tech Meet”, fostering a supportive space for passion and creativity to flourish, and celebrating the boundless joy of resin craftsmanship. For further inquiries or information about our products, please contact us via email at [email protected].

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