Reinventing Encyclopedia Learning: Cretapedia Vision Among First Apps to Launch on Apple Vision Pro

SINGAPORE, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A disruptive new application, Cretapedia Vision, developed by leading EdTech company Creta Class, is making its debut as one of the first apps on Apple Vision Pro, which was launched for sale in the US on February 2, 2024 and marks a milestone in the history of encyclopedia knowledge learning. The app provides a unique scientific experience for people who are enthusiastic about exploring the world.

Reinventing Encyclopedia Learning: Cretapedia Vision Among First Apps to Launch on Apple Vision Pro

One user shared, “While watching a video about an orchid mantis, I can use gestures to grab the mantis from the video and bring it into my room — to observe its highly detailed model, which supports zooming and 360-degree rotation with gestures. I have never seen such a vivid learning experience on other platforms.”

Cretapedia Vision breaks from the traditional model of scientific popularization. Through the interactive features of Apple Vision Pro, it demonstrates a whole new way of learning encyclopedia knowledge through technology.

By modelling with an average of 150k+ polygons, biological structures are perfectly replicated. 4K high-definition textures meet the requirement for close-ups of biological details. Multiple technologies are used to replicate the realism and beauty of the creatures, meeting the high-quality standards of users for accuracy and vividness in scientific models.

Backed by strong technological capabilities and professional content, Cretapedia Vision transforms natural, human, and scientific encyclopedia content into a more intuitive, lifelike visual and auditory experience. Based on big data and AI technologies, Cretapedia Vision embodies Creta Class’s technical accumulation and reflects its firm commitment to tech exploration.

Leading EdTech company Creta Class has several offerings under its umbrella, including the Creta Class App, an AI-powered class for children ages 3-8, Cretapedia, subject-based 3D animated courses, and Creta Tap, an interactive smart learning tablet. To date, Creta Class has over a million learners worldwide and has received recognition from global partners and families.

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