Regency Assurance Presents $30,000 for Community Support Initiative

CHARLESTOWN, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Regency Assurance is delighted to announce their full sponsorship of the expansion of the highly successful Youth Impact 12 Awards Program in Nevis. To fully establish their Community Partnership and celebrate their support for the Nevis Island Administration, a cheque worth XCD $30,000 was presented by Regency to the Department of Youth, Nevis Island.

Nevis Island Administration’s Department of Youth launched the Youth Impact 12 Awards Program in 2019 to promote youth excellence. The aim is to recognise the outstanding achievements of young people, to encourage and motivate them to strive for excellence and be positive role models in their communities.

Part of the community

Nevis Island is the home of Regency Assurance and they are proud to be a part of the island’s community and are dedicated to the development of the local community.  In the coming year, Regency intends to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones by supporting a range of community programs and initiatives in Nevis.

Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge

In line with the principles of their Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge, they have sought out like-minded local community partners, who have a wealth of experience and achievements when it comes to working with and creating opportunities for young people.

Young people drive solutions

Regency have chosen to focus on partnerships that will create opportunities and have a positive impact on young people. The challenges faced globally are vast, and Regency’s Head of Community Engagement, Kate Tebbet, outlined these in a Regency Community Consultation webinar that shaped their Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge. Kate Tebbet said, “Young people will play a vital role in driving solutions. It is their future, and they should be fully supported to influence and be a part of any change.”

In 2021, UNICEF commissioned a landmark intergenerational study. Their executive director, Henrietta Fore, said: “The world’s young people remain hopeful, much more globally minded, and determined to make the world a better place. Today’s young people have concerns for the future but see themselves as part of the solution.”

See the program working every month

Every month, a young person who embodies excellence in their nominating category is selected by a panel of judges. Over the 3 years of the program running, young people have won awards in the following areas of Patriotism, Education and Lifelong Learning, Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship, Sports Excellence, Information technology, Youth Development, Youth in the Arts and Youth in Agriculture.

How awardees benefit from the fund

Regency Assurance has committed XCD $30,000 towards the expansion of this successful program. Twelve of the previous year’s awardees will have equal access to this fund to help with the implementation of programs they have designed relating to their award subjects. These programs assist with the bolstering of youth development in Nevis and will operate for a minimum of three months.

Miss Tebbet explains, “Throughout my career, I can say hands down the most successful initiatives I have been involved with were designed by people who could truly relate. The Director of the Department of Youth, Miss Clarke, is quite genius in her design of this program which does just that. We congratulate the twelve awardees on their achievements so far and are excited to hear about the proposals they are now forming.”

Miss Clarke confirmed the partnership, “The Department and Ministry of Youth on Nevis are committed to the holistic development of all young people in an effort to empower and inspire the next generation of nation-builders. In order for far-reaching transformations to be realized, key stakeholders are necessary for sustainable development. Through financial commitment and technical support, Regency Assurance has demonstrated the importance of mainstreaming youth development in its initiatives. On behalf of the Department and Ministry of Youth, I use this opportunity to express profound gratitude to Regency Assurance for their support in strengthening existing youth-centred interventions and addressing the evolving needs of our young people on Nevis where supplementary actions are required. The youth development mandate is everybody’s business!”