Redpanda Introduces Redpanda Console, a Powerful, Secure Web UI for Debugging and Managing Real-Time Clusters

New capabilities streamline the development and management of robust, reliable, and secure data pipelines for real-time applications

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Redpanda Data today announced Redpanda Console, a developer-first web UI that simplifies and secures the management and debugging of large-scale applications built around real-time data streams. 

Included with the latest version of Redpanda streaming data platform, Redpanda Console stems from the company’s commitment to reducing the complexity that has hindered applications running on real-time data. Redpanda Console gives developers and operators visibility into their data streams with powerful features for debugging and cluster administration.

“Redpanda was architected to deliver a simpler user experience in all aspects – simpler to deploy, simpler for developers to build applications with, and simpler for site reliability engineers and sysadmins to manage,” said Alex Gallego, CEO and founder of Redpanda. “With Redpanda Console, we’ve extended the platform’s ease-of-use to day-two operations, giving users the ability to manage their clusters, and debug large-scale streaming data environments with ease.”

Removing the complexities of streaming data infrastructure

The use of enterprise applications that run on real-time data streams continues to grow, yet the infrastructure these applications require can bring significant operational overhead to the teams charged with managing these complex systems. For example, Apache Kafka requires users to work with burdensome command line tools that limit visibility into message flows and consumers, making it hard for SREs and sysadmins to troubleshoot issues.

Redpanda Console enables SREs and sysadmins to easily manage their Kafka workloads and helps engineering teams deliver and maintain robust, reliable, and secure data pipelines for real-time applications. The console’s visual interface enables admins to more easily understand security policies and helps admins avoid configuration mistakes that could result in security breaches.

The Redpanda Console provides a single facility to:

Conduct time-travel debugging through historical messages to identify and debug problems Quickly sift through real-time messages to understand the “now” Easily view messages encoded in Avro, Protobuf, Binary, JSON, XML and more Leverage search and programmable filters to monitor millions of messages Visually manage Kafka ACLs, topics, schemas, and Kafka Connect Monitor consumer groups, partitions, broker settings and more

Redpanda is quickly gaining traction across data-intensive industries including technology, fintech, entertainment, game development, and IoT and has seen the number of deployed clusters grow from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands within the past year. The Redpanda streaming data platform is available to developers under the BSL license. Enterprises also partner with Redpanda for self-hosting production systems and to access Redpanda’s cloud offerings. To learn more about Redpanda and the Redpanda Console, please visit

About Redpanda

Redpanda is the streaming data platform for developers. API-compatible with Apache Kafka, Redpanda introduces a breakthrough architecture and disruptive capabilities that make it a simple, fast, reliable, and unified engine of record for both real-time and historical enterprise data. Trailblazers like Cisco, Laceworks, Mr Yum, JumpTrading, and Alpaca rely on Redpanda to push hundreds of terabytes of streaming data a day through their streaming applications and services. Backed by premier venture investors Lightspeed, GV and Haystack VC, Redpanda is a diverse, people-first organization with teams distributed around the globe. To learn more, visit our website at and follow us on Twitter at @redpandadata.