Redefining Productivity with Winmate ATEX Zone 2 Tablets

Winmate ATEX Zone 2 Tablets Empower Workers in Hazardous Industries

TAIPEI, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Winmate Inc. has established a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable products that withstand challenging environmental conditions, such as the chemical, oil, and gas industries, with its ATEX Zone 2 certified tablets and computer solutions.

At Winmate, we understand that daily computer uses in demanding environments, especially in hazardous areas and extreme weather conditions, places high demands on performance, safety, and operator comfort. The devices must withstand high and extreme physical stress, such as falls, impacts, dust, and liquids. Winmate’s ATEX Zone 2 tablets are built to meet strict safety standards and comply with ATEX directives to ensure that they can be safely used in high-risk environments such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and offshore drilling rigs. These computers are designed to be highly durable, resistant to shock and vibration, and have features such as wide temperature ranges, waterproofing, and built-in communication options to enable seamless data transfer and communication.

Designed for environments where explosive gases may be present

Winmate’s ATEX Zone 2 tablets are specifically designed to operate in hazardous environments where explosive gases may be present. All Winmate’s oil and gas computer solutions, including the ATEX grade tablet computer, are designed to meet strict safety standards and comply with ATEX, IECEx Zone 2, and CID2 directives, a standard for products used in hazardous environments. Tablets with ATEX Zone 2 certification are designed to be used in environments where explosive gases may be present.

Like Winmate’s standard rugged tablets, Winmate’s ATEX Zone 2 tablets are durable and tough enough to withstand accidental drops, impacts, and harsh environmental conditions. With the IP65-rated dust- and waterproof, workers can easily use the rugged tablet.

Easy handling and mobility in hazardous work areas

Winmate ATEX Zone 2 tablet is designed to be compact and lightweight to enable easy handling and mobility in dangerous work areas. Workers can easily hold and operate the Winmate ATEX tablet in one hand while wearing gloves to ensure user comfort and reduce the risk of dropping the device.

Long battery life is essential for workers that may be away from power sources for extended periods. The new enhanced-capacity battery option for the M700DQ8-EX rugged android tablet provides considerable performance improvements over prior models, with up to 20 hours* battery life on a single charge. Or, the hot-swappable battery design (in safe area) of the M101S-EX Windows ATEX tablet is built to meet the need for long-lasting power performance.

*Measured at dimming LCD brightness. The actual duration varies depending on the usage conditions or when an external device is attached.

User-friendly design ready to move, anytime

The optical bonding technology on the Winmate Zone 2 tablets product family makes the display clear and visible in all lighting conditions. This enables easy reading and data visualization in the field. Besides the compact design of the devices, Winmate also offers various accompanying accessories to carry the tablet computers on the job conveniently. Various data collection features are also added to help automate data management, visual inspection, etc. Such as the high-quality front and rear cameras, optional barcode scanner, and RFID reader.

Winmate ATEX Zone 2 tablet are available with Android and Windows IoT operating systems and support strong and reliable connectivity options, such as WLAN, cellular, BT, and GPS, to enable seamless data transfer and communication. Learn more:

Availability and support

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