Redbrick’s Open Metaverse Creation System that connects various metaverse platforms has been patented.

– Enhancing connectivity and scalability between metaverse platforms by this patent registration

– Metaverse creations are linked to another metaverse space, and profits generated from creations are paid at one time

– Companies can also create and upload contents in Redbrick Studio without building a separate metaverse platform.

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Redbrick Inc., a metaverse creation platform (CEO YANG Young-mo), announced on 3rd August that Redbrick has obtained a patent for the ‘Open Metaverse Creation System’, a technology that enhances connectivity and scalability between metaverse platforms, in Korea.

The ‘Open Metaverse Creation System’ is a technology that allows creators’ metaverse creations to be linked in another metaverse space, and the creator’s creation profits generated from all linked metaverses to be settled at one time. In previous metaverses, only users of a platform could make an access to the platform with no linkage between existing metaverses, while the current patent allows such linkage.

The ‘Open Metaverse Creation System’ provides a function which enables uploading contents created by creators to other metaverse platforms and a function which enables transactions of goods such as purchasing items through self-regulated marketplaces without registering them in other marketplaces, such as the App Store or Play Store. These functions make creators settle profits easily and conveniently as well as show their own contents on multiple metaverse platforms.

Companies using a metaverse will also obtain higher accessibility and convenience in content production. Without building a separate platform, companies can upload metaverse contents on their web or app through the Open Metaverse SDK (Software Development Kit), after producing own creations in Redbrick Studio, a web-based engine developed by Redbrick. ‘Redbrick Studio’, as Redbrick’s software creation tool that anyone with no knowledge of coding can use to create a metaverse and produce contents, provides a settlement function that facilitates handling profits from creations, including metaverse games based on block coding and text coding editors.

With this patent registration, Redbrick is planning to further accelerate collaboration with various companies that use metaverses. We are currently collaborating with IPX on Open Metaverse, and any business operator who wants to use Redbrick’s Open Metaverse SDK can work jointly with Redbrick.

Redbrick CEO YANG Young-mo said, “Obtaining a patent for the open metaverse has its significance in that it will facilitate an access to all parts of the metaverse world”, and “Redbrick will continue to expand the scalability of the platform based on the introduction of various technologies.”

Redbrick, Diagram of Open Metaverse Creation System