Redbrick Inc. has been selected as an official metaverse services provider in ‘Malaysia Techlympic’ which boasts 1 million participants

Redbrick participates the biggest Tech Olympics in Asia as the only metaverse services provider The Malaysian Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation showed interest in Redbrick’s technologies in an opening ceremony Redbrick gives equal opportunities for technical education embracing indigenous peoples of Malaysia

SEOUL, South Korea, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Redbrick Inc., a metaverse creation platform (CEO YANG YEONGMO), announced on 18th July that Redbrick had been selected as an official metaverse services provider in ‘Techlympic’, the biggest Tech Olympics in Asia, hosted by the government of Malaysia.

Techlympic, a scientific and technical event hosted by the Malaysian Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation, which reached its second anniversary this year, is an arena for over 1 million participants from a total of 6 areas including ‘science & innovation’ and ‘the aerospace industry’ competing against one another with their technical skills. It is a nation-scale event including school preliminaries, local preliminaries and the final competition. The metaverse section has been newly introduced this year.

Redbrick, selected as the only official metaverse services provider of Techlympic, supported the grand opening ceremony for this competition on 16th. Chang Lih Kang, the Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation, who joined the metaverse opening ceremony, showed great interest in metaverse technologies of Korea, enjoying metaverse contents for themselves.

Redbrick is supporting two sections, ‘metaverse game development’ and ‘metaverse design’, which were adopted as official events of Techlympic. Redbrick is going to offer opportunities for technical education to indigene children of Malaysia through its own metaverse world, making a step forward from city-centered technical education. Having cultivated over 200 thousand metaverse creators in Korea based on linkage with coding education, Redbrick is planning to cultivate various metaverse creators all over the world starting with Malaysia through participation in Techlympic this time.

Redbrick’s CEO YANG YEONGMO said, “Techlympic project is the result from the harmony between Redbrick’s metaverse technologies and the technical professional cultivation policy of Malaysia“, and “as Redbrick has been recognized based on introduction of metaverse technologies to the biggest event in Malaysia, Redbrick is going to establish itself as a global metaverse company, stepping forward from the domestic market”.


From left, AMINUDDIN HASSIM, Secretary General of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI); YANG YEONGMO, CEO of Redbrick; LEE KWANGYONG, General Manager of Redbrick; CHANG LIH KANG, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation; and SABRI BIN OSMAN, Deputy Director of Ministry of Education Malaysia.