Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud Adds Okta Integration

Automated Intelligence Identifies and Remediates Identity Compromises Before They’re Weaponized

BOSTON, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recorded Future, one of the world’s largest providers of intelligence, today announced new capabilities to the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud through an integration with Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA). The integration with Okta Integration Network (OIN) deepens the breadth of coverage provided by Recorded Future’s Identity Intelligence solution, providing automated visibility into compromised identities, real-time evidence of exposed credentials, and immediate prioritization of identity threats and downstream response workflows.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions make accessing business-critical infrastructure and customer-facing applications more secure, but they are limited in ensuring identities haven’t been compromised. Recorded Future’s integration with Okta’s powerful access management platform goes beyond MFA to provide the technical force to assist in identifying and remediating identity compromises before they’re weaponized against an organization. For Okta customers, Recorded Future Identity Intelligence is available as a Workflows Connector, a no-code approach to automating identity processes at scale.

“Enterprises are increasingly adopting an identity-first approach to security, and as part of that transformation, they recognize the importance of assessing risk signals across their security stack. With identity playing such a pivotal role, automation has become critical to reduce incident response time, and proactively detect and mitigate identity-based attacks. Recorded Future’s integration with Okta Workflows delivers threat intelligence to our joint customers to enhance identity automation, ultimately creating better security without compromising user experience.” – David Shackelford, senior director of product management, Okta

Recorded Future Identity Intelligence produces real-time intelligence from a vast range of open source, dark web, and technical sources, offering a source of truth for identity authenticity for Okta users. With the Identity Intelligence integration users can:

Accelerate incident response from hours to minutes when passwords are exposed. Save time and scale resources by reallocating analysts’ time previously spent on manual tasks. Observe NIST password best practices by leveraging automated password audits. Improve end user experience with confident, intelligence-driven access management.

“MFA remains one of the most common methods organizations use to prevent identity-related risks, but it is no longer enough. Identity access and security teams now require a force multiplier of leading access management and intelligence solutions. With this integration, enhanced for new use cases, clients can correlate independent intelligence with internal telemetry to achieve the visibility necessary to assess and respond to threats.” – Craig Adams, chief product & engineering officer, Recorded Future

Learn more about Recorded Future’s Identity Intelligence integrations with the Okta Integration Network (OIN), or request a demo of the Identity Intelligence module at:

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