Re/CASETiFY announces its annual Earth Day Scorecard touting 88,185 lbs diverted from landfills among many more sustainability advancements

LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, in celebration of Earth Day, the global lifestyle brand CASETiFY announced its annual scorecard for Re/CASETiFY, the name encompassing the different environmental initiatives of the brand. As a major highlight, Re/CASETiFY has diverted over 88,185 lbs of plastic from landfills since its inception thanks to its upcycling program, which is the equivalent of 430,000 phone cases globally. The brand has also planted over 394,000 trees in partnership with different organizations. That’s enough to offset 19 million pounds of carbon each year – equivalent to keeping 250 cars off American roads for a full 12 months.

The global tech accessory brand is proud to continue leading the industry with its highly impactful environmental practices with 430,000 cases upcycled since Re/CASETiFY’s inception

At the core of the brand’s environmental scheme there’s a key technology. The Re/CASETiFY material. This material is made out of pellets obtained from the upcycling of old phone cases that have been donated to the brand by users from all over the world with the incentive of store credit. These pellets are then used to create new CASETiFY phone cases.

CASETiFY CEO & Co-Founder, Wes Ng, comments: “people don’t just buy sustainable products. They buy great products. And nowadays, for a product to be great, it needs to be manufactured as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why we put Re/CASETiFY at the core of our business”.

More collection images can be found HERE.

By the end of 2022, the program achieved the following milestones since its inception:

430,000 user-donated phone and airpods cases diverted from landfills, which is the equivalent t 40,000kg of plastic that was used for upcycling purposes. Through our partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG, CASETiFY planted over 394,000 trees in partnership with different organizations; enough to offset 19 million pounds of carbon each year. This is equivalent to keeping 250 cars off American roads for a full 12 months.

Beyond releasing its latest results, the brand has also released its intentions for the next year:

Further develop a climate and emissions reduction roadmap that considers more than plastic waste. Increase the adoption of more responsible raw materials across the CASETiFY product portfolio The brand is on track to open 100 stores by 2025, which will exponentially increase the availability of Re/CASETiFY collection points across the world and in turn further encourage upcycling.

In order to understand more about the RE/CASETiFY program, please visit the CASETiFY Sustainability page and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.


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