Raythink Chosen to Participate in Several EV Projects

–       The AR HUD solution foresees a major boost to its business as a result of having been selected for involvement in these key initiatives

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Raythink, a world-leading augmented reality (AR) heads-up display (HUD) solution provider to the automotive and transportation industry, announced that in September it had selected by leading Chinese vehicle manufacturers as a supplier to two EV projects. One of the projects is the development of a model of the new generation of electric sports sedans in China, while the other is positioned as a medium- to large- sized SUV.

IATF 16949 certification drives rapid business growth

Since obtaining IATF16949 certification in April this year, Raythink experienced accelerated business growth. To date, the firm has secured a number of designated projects from domestic auto brands and joint venture manufacturers. More projects have entered the implementation phase, with some mass production projects involving German car brands having reached the delivery stage. The brisk expansion of the business is a testament to Raythink’s widely-recognized comprehensive strengths, including its robust technical capabilities and quality assurance system.

The HUD market ushers in a golden era with an expectation for explosive growth

The Chinese HUD market is very much in the ascendency. According to EO Intelligence, 13,720,000 cars will be equipped with HUD functionality in 2025, accounting for 45% of all vehicles, making HUD a must for Chinese-made cars. AR HUD can not only be integrated into intelligent cockpits and ADAS-related functions, but also deliver an immersive experience to drivers. The optimal AR HUD solution is a combination of fully-displayed information and an immersive experience, allowing for a next generation of more integrated and interactive intelligent cars, and providing carmakers the final opportunity to be a part of the car intelligent ecosystem.

Raythink becomes an industry pioneer with its innovative and complete AR HUD solution

Raythink has broken through the technical barriers of the industry by vertically integrating the whole process system of AR-HUD from design to mass production and independently creating the Optical core light source technology based on LBS technology. In addition, Raythink developed its proprietary AR Generator@SDK kit and platform-based software system architecture, which can integrate and stably output environmental perception (such as ADAS sensor environmental perception), map and navigation data. The architecture can fully correct the visual stereo image in real space through deep AI-enabled machine learning (ML) and optical compensation, ensuring the perfect matching of output images and the real space environment with low latency. Furthermore, the platform is equipped with many additional capabilities, including lane-level navigation, forward collision warning (FCW), pedestrian collision warning (PCW), lane departure warning (LDW) and POI.

As for the production and quality assurance system, Raythink has established an industry-leading intelligent production and management system through the setting up last year of an international production management team and the introduction of advanced equipment, in tandem with the ongoing optimization of processes. Meanwhile, it has improved flexible manufacturing with a perfected quality control process consisting of proprietary AR HUD optical inspection machines, including PGU, optical machines and off-line inspection, in a move to ensure each ex-factory product meets vehicle specification standards and customer expectations.

The rail transit market has been in a preparatory stage for mass production

Raythink’s rail transportation unit in partnership with CRSC has developed an intelligent ADAS for high-speed trains based on 5G IoT communication, optical perception and intelligent human-machine interaction technologies. The solution provides a perfect control experience in combination with assisted driving for the next generation of high-speed trains by integrating large optical size naked eye AR imaging technology. The ADAS system is now undergoing physical testing in preparation for mass production, and will soon be installed on China’s high-speed trains.

Looking ahead, Raythink will continue building its international industrial portfolio, maintaining its above-par product development and innovation capabilities, and focusing on innovative light sources to provide truly epoch-making AR-HUD solutions for new smart vehicles as well as the next generation of convergence and interaction. The company will also continue to grow its presence in AR headlights, 3D dashboards, 3D large screens and other AR equipment, while expanding efforts in exploring a wider range of applications in AR urban scenarios, industrial manufacturing and metaverse fusion.