Quobly Partners with Nanoacademic Technologies, Inc. to Enhance Silicon Spin Qubits for Quantum Computing

GRENOBLE, France, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Quobly, a leader in silicon spin qubit-based quantum computing, is proud to announce its partnership with Nanoacademic Technologies, a renowned provider of digital simulation & modeling tools for quantum technologies. This announcement marks a major milestone in the development of silicon spin qubit technologies for quantum computing.

Nanoacademic Technologies’ software platform, QTCAD®, is the world’s first commercial finite-element modeling software for spin qubits in semiconductors and one of the most advanced digital simulation tools for semiconductor-based hardware. The partnership between Quobly and Nanoacademic Technologies aims at leveraging this software and the expertise of Nanoacademic Technologies to enhance Quobly’s research and development around silicon spin qubits and accelerate their journey towards realizing a scalable silicon-based quantum processor.

The integration of QTCAD® into real-life silicon spin qubit applications will notably enhance Nanoacademic Technologies’ commercial portfolio and will be beneficial to the performance of its quantum-dot design features. Concurrently, this collaboration will enable Quobly to leverage a robust commercial partner for simulation and modeling training, the refinement of new, tailored code, and the invaluable expertise gained from Nanoacademic Technologies’ years of experience with renowned partners like Canada’s NRC, Institut Quantique, and STMicroelectronics (France).

“Simulation tools are integral to the success of any quantum computing endeavor. Quobly is delighted to have selected Nanoacademic Technologies as our esteemed partner for this critical initiative. This collaboration underscores the ongoing commitment of both France and Canada to advancing pioneering quantum enterprises, while fostering deeper connections between the technology ecosystems in the MontrealSherbrooke axis and Grenoble, France’s Silicon Valley. We are confident that this partnership will act as a driving force, propelling the development of our silicon-based quantum computer to new heights,” stated Maud Vinet, CEO & co-founder of Quobly.

“We are proud to offer our innovative tool, QTCAD®, to the world’s most advanced quantum hardware design and manufacturing startups. Quobly stands out as the French leader, with ambitious goals that align perfectly with our mission. Nanoacademic is the first company to offer such a quantum design tool which allows our partners to maximize their assets and achieve more in less time, thereby creating additional value and contributing to the growth of the emerging quantum-technology industry,” said Dr. Hong Guo, CEO, President, and co-founder of Nanoacademic Technologies Inc.

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