Quhuo Joins Hands with Hsu Fu Chi to Launch Charity Events for Elders and Differently Abled

BEIJING, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quhuo Limited (NASDAQ: QH) (“Quhuo” or “the Company”), a leading gig economy platform focusing on local community-centered services in China, has teamed up with Hsu Fu Chi International Limited (“Hsu Fu Chi“), a leading confectionery food manufacturer, to launch charity activities for the elders and those who are differently abled.

To raise public awareness for marginalized groups on September 25, 2022, being the International Day of the Deaf, Quhuo and Hsu Fu Chi donated food and products worth over RMB500,000 (approximately US$69,500) and distributed the supplies to individuals and families in special need.

Quhuo’s charity efforts come as the Company has been ramping up its social responsibility realm. By joining hands with Hsu Fu Chi, Quhuo is able to scale up its donation size and amplify its efforts to raise awareness.

“The elders and physically challenged people are groups that are in urgent need of support, and the public is putting more and more focus on ensuring their livelihood and well-being,” said Lisa Li, the Vice President of Quhuo. “We’re delighted to launch the charity events with Hsu Fu Chi, as Quhuo is dedicated to boosting the development of charity work.”

Weidong Gao, the Head of Corporate Affairs Department in Hsu Fu Chi, said that Hsu Fu Chi has been committed to carrying out corporate social responsibility work. “We have so far donated over RMB120 million worth of products to give back to society,” Gao added.

“The charity donation comes not just as support but as strong encouragement for us to live our best lives,” said Jianpo Huang, a delivery rider of Quhuo, who represents the donation recipients. “Despite potential challenges, we’ll continue to live and work with strong confidence and contribute to society whenever we can.”

The Company’s latest charity donation only forms part of its social responsibility efforts. Quhuo has been at the forefront in supporting the rescue and relief work post-earthquakes and floods in China, such as donating RMB50,000 to flood victims in Yingde, a city in China’s southeastern Guangdong province, in June 2022.

While Quhuo supports the idea that material relief can be of great help to those in urgent need, it believe that in the long run, it is more important to train the workers and help them land suitable jobs. With consistent training, job seekers would be able to obtain stable income and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Quhuo’s platform has secured gig economy jobs for nealy 500,000 people across over 130 cities in China as of June 30, 2022, as the Company continues to grow with the goal of promoting employment and stable income, which aligns with the national development strategy.

Quhuo aims to provide those in need with reliable job opportunities and offer them sufficient support in life consulting, workplace security protection and career training. Most importantly, the Company has made concerted efforts to help gig takers to settle into their jobs when they arrive in a new city as part of their commitment to their employees.

Moving forward, Quhuo plans to organize more charity events and offer career training services to help more people in need and upskill the workforce.

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Quhuo Limited (NASDAQ: QH) (“Quhuo” or the “Company”) is a leading gig economy platform focusing on local community-centered services in China. Leveraging Quhuo+, its proprietary technology infrastructure, Quhuo is dedicated to empowering and linking workers and local life service providers and providing end-to-end operation solutions for the life service market. The Company currently provides multiple industry-tailored operational solutions, primarily including on-demand delivery solutions, mobility service solutions, housekeeping and accommodation solutions, and other services, meeting the living needs of hundreds of millions of families in the communities.

With the vision of promoting employment, stabilizing income and empowering entrepreneurship, Quhuo explores multiple scenarios to promote employment of workers, provides, among others, safety and security and vocational training to protect workers, and helps workers plan their career development paths to realize their self-worth.

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