Queclink Boosts Production Capacity by 30% with New Manufacturing Facility

SHANGHAI, July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Queclink, the world’s leading IoT device manufacturer and solution provider, is rapidly ramming up its manufacturing capacity as its partner-owned factory upgrades their facility for additional production lines in Vietnam.

The new facility covers an area of 21,260㎡ with a building area of over 17,520㎡. It is situated in a prime location in Dong Van adjacent to both an airport and a port, with convenient access to land, sea, and air transportation. Fulfilling the qualifications for the three major international standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949, the factory is to provide Queclink with quality manufacturing.

This expansion is expected to bring a 30% boost to Queclink’s productivity, allowing the company to manufacture 28,000 devices per day — a 7 million annual output in total.

According to Queclink’s 2022 annual report, the demand for their devices is on a steady growth. Total shipment of the devices reached 4 million last year, and the revenues also surpassed CNY 1 billion, indicating a 8.85% YoY increase.

The global IoT market is also thriving, creating more opportunities for the company and alike. About 5.49 billion IoT devices is to be deployed globally by the year of 2027, with 22.1 billion of them supporting 4G/5G networks. The figure forecasts an acceleration of the demand for IoT devices in the near future, which is both a chance and a challenge in Queclink’s regard.

With the partner’s new facility established in Vietnam, Queclink is able to effectively enhance its production capacity, outpace the rising demand, and take advantage of the growing market, so as to take a leap ahead.

The addition of new production lines in Vietnam offers Queclink greater flexibility by reducing reliance on concentrated production locations. It fosters closer connections between the company and their customers, mitigates delivery risks and assists customers in better securing their success amidst the current intricate and ever-changing global economic landscape.

While businesses today are inclined to establish cooperative relationships with suppliers with stable supply sources, the new manufacturing facility is a guarantee of Queclink’s continuous production, which is not just advantageous but necessary for the businesses’ procedure and operation that follow after.

Lower costs and faster delivery times are also to be expected, as increased production capacity unlocks economies of scale, allowing for better pricing for larger orders, and higher output of IoT devices translates into shorter delivery times for customers worldwide.

Queclink has always been committed to continuously enriching and improving its IoT products and solutions to meet customers’ current and future needs. An upgraded facility, in this sense, serves more firms more efficiently as the demand for IoT devices continues to grow.

By increasing its scale of production, Queclink remains at the forefront of the IoT industry, secures additional capacity for its future growth, and advances its mission of driving a smart, connected world.