Pudu Robotics to Expand Service Scenarios with Its Proprietary Upgraded PUDU VSLAM+

SHENZHEN, China, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pudu Robotics, the global leader in commercial service robots, has announced that it will leverage the power of its proprietary upgraded PUDU VSLAM+ technology to expand the service scenarios of commercial service robots.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is a technology used in autonomous vehicles, equipping them with the ability to generate maps of unfamiliar terrains and environments while locating their positions within the space. The PUDU VSLAM+ is a new and innovative approach to localizing and mapping that overcomes the limitations of Marker Positioning and Laser Positioning which are costly to deploy and inflexible to environmental modifications. 

Traditionally, service robots have relied on ground features for navigation, whereas identifying features on roofs can ensure higher operational stability for robots, which makes them more immune to environmental adjustments. Powered by PUDU VSLAM+, the PuduBot 2, PUDU’s latest product is the world’s first service robot integrated with pure-VSLAM positioning technology that leapfrogs the ability to identify, respond to, and navigate complex indoor and outdoor environments, offering industry-leading navigation accuracy in high-ceilinged spaces.


PuduBot 2 employs a top-view camera to acquire visual information that enables the device to construct a detailed 3D map of the surroundings, complemented by other sensors that work in tandem with optimization algorithms to precisely pinpoint the robot’s position within its environment and quickly adapt to special changes. In addition, the monocular of PuduBot 2 offers a major advantage over the depth cameras used in commercial service robots which have a limited detection range of five meters or less.

The recognition capabilities of PuduBot 2 are greatly enhanced thanks to the algorithms for identifying and filtering visible lights, which allows the built-in camera to scan and remember vertical spaces higher than 30 meters, granting it an unmatched advantage over its peers when operating in large indoor venues such factories, supermarkets, and museums, or even open outdoor spaces where Marker Positioning and Laser Positioning solutions may not be feasible or practical.

With the PUDU VSLAM+, there is no need to paste markers or change indoor environments for PuduBot 2 to work, which translates to a 75% increase in deployment efficiency. PuduBot 2 can generate a map covering an area of over 1,000 square meters within 15 minutes and complete the entire map configuration within an hour. It can also conduct extra-large scene mapping for up to 40,000 square meters, such as an exhibition center.

By using the roof as a reference point for visual recognition, PuduBot 2 can be more flexible in adapting to the dynamic changes within a space such as an object or human movements that can affect their horizontal operations. This enhances the overall stability and performance of the robot, enabling it to operate more efficiently and precisely.

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