Proofpoint Reimagines Risk and Resilience for Outstanding Holistic Enterprise Security

To achieve truly trustworthy enterprise security, organizations need a people-centric security posture that incorporates technology and the people

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — While cybercriminals previously relied on vulnerabilities in centralized information technology (IT) infrastructures, attackers now use social engineering techniques on individuals to penetrate company cyber walls. Hackers are increasingly targeting remote workers with thread hijacking attacks, cloud adoption is racing ahead of security, ransomware attacks are growing in scale and complexity, and mobile users are now moving targets.

An outdated perception of security as a specialized function rather than a company-wide responsibility, reliance on one-size-fits-all approaches, and the fallacy that security training is a quick fix that end users only need to undergo once impede successful enterprise security. A holistic organizational approach to enterprise security can ensure that cross-functional users at all levels possess the skills to maintain robust enterprise-wide security.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest eBook, Reimagining Risk and Resilience: A Threat-Based Approach to Security Awareness Education, explores how enterprises must focus their security efforts on their people and understand user behaviors to safely bring their digital visions to life.

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A modern security blueprint includes hybrid and bidirectional high-quality enterprise security programs, proactive security, and security awareness. Enterprises should:

Educate business users about safe cybersecurity practices, security awareness policies, and how to identify and correctly report malicious threats. Build targeted response plans around user segments, identify high-risk users, and develop targeted time- and cost-saving security controls to establish baselines via user profiling and assessments. Assess, test, and train users to continually improve security strategies based on unique vulnerabilities and the latest real-world attack techniques. Generate automated training for users who fail assessments, utilize various simulated, link-based, attachment-based and data-entry attack campaigns, and employ threat intelligence to build a comprehensive security awareness program. Use bite-sized threat-driven content, reinforced positive behavior, contextual training, immediate feedback, and individualized pacing for better training reception.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training takes a holistic approach to security awareness education and adopts threat intelligence for realistic, in-the-moment training. It evaluates user vulnerabilities with phishing simulation, knowledge and culture assessments to drive behavior change, and builds security habits with micro-learning content and an adaptive learning framework suitable for continuous learning. It reduces over 32% of clicks for real-world threats.

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