Profet AI’s First Overseas Crossover Talks

Taiwan ventures into Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City with its most advanced AI developments in the industry-government-academia sectors and business resources to empower local talents and businesses.

TAIPEI, July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Profet AI, a company dedicated to AI applications in the manufacturing industry, partnered with Hive Ventures to host Galaxy Quest: HCMC. The event brought together top business leaders and academic experts to discuss the development of AI applications in the manufacturing industry of Taiwan and Vietnam. Participants were encouraged to take advantage of the economic upturn, invest in digital transformation, leverage data knowledge, and maximize AI tools and the partner ecosystem. The event attracted nearly 80 top Taiwanese companies and leading Vietnamese manufacturers, fostering cross-border discussions and new digital upskill strategies.

The event attracted nearly 80 top Taiwanese companies and leading Vietnamese manufacturers to participate in cross-border discussions.

Vietnam’s economy has developed rapidly in recent years, attracting many multinational companies to set up factories in the country. However, Vietnam’s manufacturing industry is facing many challenges because of global political uncertainties and the aftermath of the pandemic, which have slowed down the global economy. Profet AI’s Co-Founder and CEO Jerry Huang said: “Many of our clients are highly interested in the Vietnamese market. The friendshoring policy has led to rapid development in Vietnam’s manufacturing industry, which is why upskilling and supply chain mobility are now the main concerns.” Profet AI is extremely experienced in empowering talents in the manufacturing industry and the rapid implementation of AI. Through this overseas Crossover Talks, Profet AI brings together Taiwan’s most advanced AI developments in the industry-government-academia sectors and business resources, sharing its successful experience with the participants. The goal is to help Vietnam’s manufacturing industry cultivate talents more quickly and effectively to achieve digital transformation and upgrading, elevating their status in the global manufacturing landscape.

We invited distinguished guests from Taiwan and Southeast Asia to the forum to share Taiwan’s best AI resources and applications with the participants. The guests include Professor Chia-Yen Lee from NTU’s Department of Information Management; Yan Lee, Founder & Managing Partner of Hive Ventures; Benjamin Kuo, Vice President for Industry-Academia Collaboration of Taiwan AI Academy; Gia Lung Chin, Executive Director of PwC; Jack Chao, Executive Vice President of AUO Digitech; Den Ng, Sales Director of Macrovention; Justin Chen, CIO of MAXXIS; Kenny Chiu, Vice President of Shuttle Service; and James Chan, Innovation Advisor at Acon-Holding.

Investment in digital transformation is the key to riding out the business cycle

As the keynote speaker, Professor Chia-Yen Lee from NTU’s Department of Information Management provided valuable insights into digital strategies for addressing economic downturns. He mentioned that businesses should proactively invest in digital transformation during economic downturns. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of establishing a culture of AI integration and developing relevant capabilities. He said this requires continuous effort beyond economic downturns.

During the forum, Yan Lee, Founder & Managing Partner of Hive Ventures, shared his company’s report on the current state of AI in Taiwanese businesses for 2022. According to the report, 57.6% of the companies surveyed stated that the pandemic accelerated their investment in AI. AI applications are growing rapidly in the manufacturing industry, which shows AI’s importance in enhancing operational efficiency and manufacturing processes. Yan Lee also suggested using a No-code platform to simplify and standardize processes, allowing non-technical personnel to participate, which can accelerate effective AI implementation.

Jonathan Yu, General Manager of Sales of Profet AI, said: “There are more than 5 trillion-dollar industries in Taiwan, and Profet AI has over 100 success cases. We’re going to take these experiences to Vietnam. We want to cultivate local talents with our advanced AI technology, which will help both markets grow.”

Powerful ecosystem partnerships to boost the AI applications

Executive Vice President Jack Chao of AUO Digitech, a leader in smart manufacturing, said AUO Digitech aims to maximize marginal value by providing smart manufacturing solutions to supply chain partners. The goal is to turn customers into long-term partners. By using Profet AI’s AutoML platform, AUO Digitech has achieved AI adoption across production, R&D, and supply chain management. Furthermore, with its IoT Gateway: SPIIDER, AUO Digitech has solved the problem of data collection and extraction by outdated machines at the front end. Together with Profet AI, AUO Digitech has applied the data in various domains, establishing a comprehensive digital war room.

As a long-standing player in the Southeast Asian market, Macrovention recognizes the importance of tailored solutions. Macrovention is Profet AI’s first local partner in Southeast Asia. Den, the Sales Director of Macrovention, said: “We are very confident in Profet AI’s understanding of what’s needed on site. Their products can be easily adopted on-site, which solves the high cost of hiring data scientists.” Through data integration, the platform can identify key factors and build AI models easily. Such high efficiency is exactly what the Southeast Asian market needs.

We are honored to have Executive Director Gia Lung Chin of PwC, a legend in the IT consulting industry, as a guest for this event. Quoting from a PwC report, Mr. Chin stated that AI application is more important than supply chain restructuring. “AI is indispensable in digital transformation. Data is not just information anymore; it is knowledge.” “In addition to rapidly adopting AI technology, businesses should take advantage of the macro perspective provided by consultants to achieve digital transformation.”

Fruitful achievements were demonstrated in both Taiwanese and Vietnamese businesses, showing the power of digitalization

Profet AI invited companies that have successfully adopted AI to share their achievements and serve as valuable examples for local businesses in Vietnam.

Jusitin Chen, CIO of MAXXIS, mentioned: “Besides increasing our investment in the Vietnamese market, we have been thinking about how to further assist the market and bring the experience of industry veterans to Vietnam.” Using AI tools, MAXXIS has turned the experience of these veterans into actionable data knowledge for manufacturing. This not only increases production capacity but also improves the technical skills of local operators. Using the Profet AI platform to identify key data, MAXXIS has brought the expertise of the veterans to the Kunshan Plant, allowing the company to meet the high standards of lights-out manufacturing.

Shuttle Service has achieved excellent results in predicting vehicle maintenance and inspection, with an error of 0.2 weeks, reducing vehicle downtime during operations. Shuttle Service will begin predicting tire expenses next. Vice President Kenny Chiu mentioned: “Tire consumption is very costly for the transportation industry. We try to find the most suitable tires for Shuttle Service using the data, which helps the company and tire manufacturers in the supply chain to find the best tire formulas.”

James Chan, Innovation Advisor at Acon-Holding, shared that Acon-Holding adopted a different approach from the traditional top-down method during the transformation. They used the “sandwich approach,” where junior employees are involved in digitalization projects, ensuring that the upper and lower levels of the organization share a common digital language. Acon-Holding also holds digital transformation competitions every quarter. Acon-Holding has implemented 651 digitalization projects so far, of which 470 were implemented using the Profet AI platform.

The key to business sustainability is empowering domain experts with AI, while the cultivation of digital talents could be seen as making soldier a peacetime farmer

Taiwan AI Academy is the first institution in Taiwan dedicated to cultivating AI talents. Inspired by the “military-agricultural colonies” during the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Vice President for Industry-Academia Collaboration Benjamin Kuo sees talent empowerment as soldiers work as farmers and store provisions during peacetime, to supply themselves during wartime. He believes businesses should use the experiences of industry veterans for AI adoption across daily operations. This way, they can avoid over-reliance on headhunting and consulting during digital transformation. Businesses should focus on using AI for investment and development instead of worrying about employee attrition.

About Profet AI

Profet AI is an artificial intelligence software company for the manufacturing industry. It provides an end-to-end No-code AutoML platform and Ready To Go Applications. It allows various industries or IT experts to efficiently build high-quality predictive models and deploy AI applications to resolve daily production and digitization challenges.  Profet AI has been widely adopted by the world’s top 100 brands in the manufacturing industry, including EMS, Semi-OSAT, PCB, IC design companies, and display panel and material solution providers.

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